Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Family Day

On Saturday we spent the day as a family. We got up early to go garage sale-ing. We are on the look out for some children's furniture as bunk beds will no longer work for when our girls start sharing a room. We didn't find any, but I spent $10 and got a tricycle, 6 summer outfits, a movie and a stuffed Sully (all for the girls!). I love me a good garage sale day.

We came home and hit a slight bump in the road as obviously we had over planned our day and not gone to bed early enough the night before. The result, missing swimming lessons. We regrouped and got back on track to take the girls to Ontario Place for the day.

Ontario Place is down on the lake shore. It was a lot cooler down there than in the city. It's a water/amusement park which is a tonne of fun for the teens. It was a youth group trip that we were tagging along for in case more youth showed up during the day and needed a ride home and just to be there in case we were needed. Most of the day was just for us.

We found an awesome building full of activities for kids Isabella's age and she ran around there for about an hour and a half while Brooklyn had a nap. Then we hit the splash park which I thought Belle would be afraid of as it was just a bunch of shower like things. She loved it. (I'll post more pics on her blog). She got her face painted for the first time, went down her first big girl waterslide and started her journey of educational activities these sorts of places are filled with.

It was a super great day, the perks of being a youth pastor's family!


Jen said...

Sounds like a great day! Belle looks so big. :)

Amanda said...

I wouldn't have recognized Brooklyn! She's grown up so much since the last pics I saw!

Tanneal said...

Gotta love those YP perks =)