Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I am not the kind of person who remembers my dreams often. I do remember more of them when I'm pregnant and they're all crazy. I have had two dreams in 2007 from which I arose convinced they were Gospel truth.

After I found out I was pregnant I had a scary dream. We had fast forwarded to October. It was Brooklyn's first birthday and there were 4 other babies at our house! Four. As in we had quads. There were three boys and a girl. Should this dream have been prophetic I would have had 6 children. I would have had 6 children under the age of 3. I would have had 6 children and 4 of them would have been NEWBORNS. Luckily we've all seen the ultrasound and there's only one baby in there.

I'm interpreting this dream to mean there's a 75% chance we're having a boy this time around.

I had another dream in January. In this dream it was my birthday and Nick and I had gone out for dinner and a movie. Nick had bought me a lottery ticket as my gift. After the movie we stopped at a gas station to see the latest lotto numbers and my ticket had won! The dream continued as we bought a HUGE piece of land just outside of Georgetown on which we built the house of our dreams on one side. Our friends Angela and Rory built their dream house on the opposite side of the lot and in the middle we built a third building. In that building there was a basement for Rory's computer business and the top floor was the best scrapbooking room/guest house I have ever seen. (Although I might be a bit biased since I would have designed and decorated it).

I told Nick about the dream and I thought he had forgotten about it. I think about it often when I'm having a bad day. Then today he came home from work with some flowers, a card and two lottery tickets. One of them for this Friday's Lotto 649 and the other a scratch and win. I scratched it right away. I won $6.00.

I can feel it, this is my year!


Will said...

If anyone I know deserves that dream to come true, its you Amanda, here's hopin :D hehe. Love ya. Talk to you laters.

Angella said...

Nothing wrong with dreaming! Here;s to a wonderful year for you :)

Lamb said...

Hi Amanda, Crazy dreams can be fun. My mom used to have dreams every Friday night and on Saturday morning whoever she dreamed about she would tease about what they got up to in her dream. We never knew what to expect but it was fun.

It was nice to see you on Thursday. I sure hope you are feeling better soon. This can't be too much fun for you right now. Just try to remember that you have a precious family around you every day and I know you are loved very much.

Tanneal said...

Cute! I too have very vivid prego dreams.

Here's hoping you end up a millionaire mom of at least one boy =)