Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Festive Weekend.

Our weekend began on Thursday when Nick and I went out to celebrate my birthday. Nick borrowed a convertible from one of the pastors at the church. We went to the movies to see Knocked Up and then out for dinner. (I did not win the lottery). On Friday Nick headed out with some buddies and I had a scrapbooking night. Both of us had a good time. The kids were in bed, but it was like we were out without them.

Then on Saturday we began the family fun. We went to see the Nationals play the Jays. The Jays won!! We went early in the day to enjoy the children's activities. You can read about it more and see more pics at the girl's blog: here.
Nick got the idea to try and get a picture where the kids look the same size as the CN Tower which we could see from our seats, (the dome was open). This is the closest we got.
The traditional family picture. We went with Rory, Angela and the twins. It's so much fun to hang out with them. So interesting to see different kids all learning new things. The twins are getting to be so fun now that they're out of that baby blob state. Plus, they're adorable. Between the four grown ups there are four kids, so it keeps us busy. We actually see less of the game when we go then when we watch it on tv, how funny is that. Good thing our tickets are free.
Nick and his girls after they ran the bases. Yep Brooklyn really is in there.
Nick and Belle took some time to pose in the Jays store. Nick was in need of a new hat. Belle walked around and we let her pick a treat. She's been exceptionally good lately considering the terror she could be becoming at this age. She chose a Mr Potato Head in a baseball theme. It's cool.
On Sunday we attempted to go to the Car Show. Nick used to go with is dad and it's a tradition he'd like to continue with his kids. It may end up being him and one kid, but until we figure out who likes it and who doesn't, we'll all go. We didn't really last because it was way tooooo hot. Brooklyn was so uncomfortable she just screamed. So we came home and re-grouped. We took the kids to the drop in swimming time. We headed out to an A&W for dinner because we heard that a bunch of the cars would be heading there for another show. We looked at a few more cars. It wasn't quite what Nick had envisioned, but it was just too hot to do it right.

These two just needed the a/c. It was a nice weekend full of events. We took it easy today and I think the girls both needed it. I think the heat got to them more than we thought. It seems that Brooklyn has heat stroke, but she's still just as smiley as ever. Even though she may be hurtin a little, she put the icing on the cake today when she said her first word- "da-da". She's been saying the "da" syllable a lot, but today she would just say it twice and stop instead of in a constant five minute stream. We're counting it as her first word.


Lamb said...

WOW!!! What a weekend.
You guys must be worn out. But wasn't it so much fun???!!!!!
Love the pix.

Jen said...

Sounds like a weekend any father would love!

Tanneal said...

YAY Brooklyn! I love that pic of her in the carrier with the sun hat on...I would have totally missed that if you hadn't pointed her out!! Too cute!

I can tell it's hot from those this point I'm glad I don't live in Ontario, as an AB girl I don't think I could handle the humidity!!

Sounds like you guys had a fun weekend...I'd like to see that Mr. Potatoe head!

Angella said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! And yay for the first word!!

Anonymous said...

If you have to point out that you didn't win the lottery just because you went out for dinner and a movie then you are in an even sadder state than I first thought........why don't you join the world outside of your church get an education and a decent job so that you can start enjoying the things that 95 percent of the population takes for granted. Ask yourself, are your children going to grow up deprived of things that all the other kids have to the point of becoming outcasts and the focus of ridicule and bullying. I'm only trying to point out the reality in our world so that you may be aware when your kid comes to you and says that she wants to kill herself because she is a loser and has no friends. What will you do if she actually goes through with it? Could you live with the guilt knowing that you could have provided your kids with more of the material things that will help them fit in if you had only had a better education, a better be continued.

dags said...

well, i'm glad that your kids have two parents who love them and each other, and who want to spend special time with their kids. trust me, from someone who works with kids, those are qualities that can be hard to find some awesome that you go to the jays games...when i went up the cn tower the dome was open and we could see down into it!