Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Heart of Worship

On Saturday night we took the girls to their first rock concert. We saw Starfield and Hillsong United at the Molson Amphitheatre. I am still in shivers at how cool it is that I live in a country where a Christian band plays the same theatre as Metallica.
I knew of Starfield before the concert, but not Hillsong United. Nick assured me I knew their songs, but I sure didn't recognize anything they played. The fun part was that they're a worship band so you can catch on so easily. It was uber awesome to be in a "room" of 13,000 youth worshiping in the middle of Toronto. The sound was deafening and it wasn't even the band that was loud. It was all these voices of all races and ethnicities of teenagers and the people dedicated to teenagers worshiping God.
After Starfield had done their set the speaker that travels with Hillside United came out to give away some free stuff and what not. He made a comment that he was so excited because tonight he saw the future of the church. I'm sure he said that at every concert which only adds to the awesomeness of the comment. He said he saw the future of the church in the youth in the room and they are a mobile and passionate future.
And I got weapy.
While Starfield was singing I had Isabella standing on the seat in front of me and she was clapping along with the crowd, and cheering 'yoo hoo' at the appropriate times. She got totally caught up in the worship with everyone else doing her little singing voice that is sounds when she doesn't even know the words. At one point she even had both of her arms up in the air, stretched to heaven, worshipping. Sure she's 2 and in that copy cat stage, but that's how we all start worshipping authentically. First we copy those around us and then we find our own voice.
My back started to ache and Nick took Isabella and put her on his shoulders. I guess you could stay she was still worshipping, head banging counts right? She knows how to do the fist thing with the head bob, she has not yet grasped the horns. I think she clapped and screamed and called 'Encore' as loudly as the crowd around us.
A mobile and passionate generation. That is the future of the church.


Mom said...

It is incredibly awesome to see the hearts of young people dedicated to our Lord and Saviour - I know that as Isabella grows up she will learn quickly how to give her heart to Jesus and become a strong voice for Him in our world. I don't know how, but I know God will use her faith to reach others just as He has used her parents' before her and their parents' before them.

An amazingly blessed day you all had on Saturday, I'd say!

Tanneal said...

I love that too. We went to a Third Day concert when I was still pregnant with J and Starfield and Chris Tomlin were opening for them. Too see the next generation worshiping must be so awesome for God!! Encouraging to our hearts as parents and Youth pastors too!