Thursday, October 19, 2006

One week.

Today was Brooklyn's one week check up at the doctor's. In many ways it feels like this last week has flown by, but in other ways it feels like this is how our life has always been. That Brooklyn has always been here. She is doing splendid. She is weighing in at 3.2 kg and is 34cm long. (We saw the resident at her check-up and I think she missed the part of her training where they tell you mothers know things in pounds and inches, just kidding she's a swell doc). All of her reflexes are doing great and she peed all over the scale. Wonderful. It was such a relief for me to hear that she's back to her birth weight, or at least that's assumed as most babies lose weight first. Weight gain was a huge struggle with Belle and it makes me feel so much relief to know that things are going along swimmingly in that arena. I did tell a little white lie when she asked if Brooklyn was being fed every three hours, I said she was. And it's true that if she's awake every three hours she gets fed. But on Monday night she slept two 5 hour stretches and on Tuesday night she slept for 8 hours straight! Of course then on Wednesday night she woke up every hour, so it all balances out! It's fun and yet strange how I did this journey such a short time ago but it's all brand new again. I don't think I'll ever get to say 'you're exactly like your sister', and I'm totally okay with that because they're unique people and that is my favorite part.


Angella said...

She's beautiful! And will be completely unique!


Marla said...

what a cute little fast forward 14 or 15 years, think that scowl will be the same in teenager-hood? she is just so cute!!

Jen said...

Glad all is well! I can't decide who I think she looks like now. She has a look all her own. :)

geeksters said...

Congratulations on your little darling:) She's so tiny and so cute.

I can't believe you went through labour with no drugs! I can't even begin to imagine how brutal that must have been.

Good luck keeping up with your little ones.

Tara said...

she is beautiful!!!!! I am glad to hear that things are going well!!! you parents have a package for you when they come!!!

T said...

Oh my goodness...she's SO CUTE!!! She looks so much older already!

Glad all is well healthwise...I remember how comforting it was to hear a medical professional assure me that all was good=)

karen said...

That's an awesome picture! Love the 'attitude'!! :)

I would never wake a sleeping baby either. too dangerous!

Glad to hear all is well.