Monday, October 23, 2006


Upon reading the title of my post you are probably picturing me in pj's with crazy hair and not having showered in days just a mess of mommyness.

But I'm not. It's simply the name of the Youth Retreat Nick was at this weekend. He left on Friday after work and returned just in time for Amazing Race on Sunday night. The girls and I were all by ourselves for two whole days. And the hardest part, not being able to make a slurpee run at 11:30pm when I REALLY wanted one.

Isabella continues on in a sort of rough way making the transition to big sister. She cried at her gated door for about half an hour, (on and off), and then decided all was all right and climbed into bed. It was quite hard for me to sit in the next room, but I was feeding Brooklyn and couldn't just get up and tend to Belle. I think it worked out for the best. I sure got showered in hugs the next morning.

We made our first outing as 'the-mom-with-two-kids-under-two' which also seems to be known as 'brave', 'crazy', 'ambitious', and whatever people are thinking when they roll their eyes at me. We hit the grocery store and ventured into Brampton, (the city between us and Toronto basically), to find a Michaels to buy baby announcement/thank you supplies. Brooklyn slept through the whole event and Isabella only got kinda cranky around nap time. I am thinking about starting a petition to Michaels. Their carts are not wide enough to fit a car seat in. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm just wondering if I need to send my petition to head office or just my local store.

I had folks over to watch XMen 3 and then visited with my Aunt and Grandparents and then had the same folks over to watch Amazing Race on Sunday. I even made and iced a carrot cake that tasted good!!

We had a good weekend, but it was constant. I'm sure looking forward to when Brooklyn sleeps in her own bed for chunks. That happens around her third birthday right? (I jest I jest).


Amanda said...

You have adjusted to dual mommyhood beautifully!

Jen said...

Wow! I can't imagine taking two kids out. Good for you!

Angella said...

Way to go Supermom!

motherinlaw said...


Robyn said...

Oh my goodness! You're amazing, I would be collapsed in a crying heap if Paul left me on my own with the girls so soon after having a new baby. You're a stronger woman than me! Well done :)

T said...

I don't think I hit Michaels when G was that little, so can't say about the carts. That would be really annoying though!

You rock for even making it out the door in my books=)

dags said...

Hey! Haven't checked in on you for quite a while, so imagine my surprise to see another little peanut! Congratulations, guys!