Monday, October 16, 2006

I don't know the expression

In the last few days there have been so many things that I have felt that I just don't know the appropriate words to express it. Nick just called me from work to see how my day was going and although it's been full of a disobedient toddler, poop, puke and a consistent wondering of if I'm doing things right, it has been one of the best days ever. I am just so happy to be here at home with my girls doing the little things in life.

We have been so blessed by our Church. Every night since Brooklyn was born someone has shown up at our door around 5:00pm with dinner. Homemade Mac & Cheese, lasagna, corn chowder. And salads and desserts. We have been eating so well and haven't had to lift a finger. How great is that?! I'm spending the girl's afternoon nap writing thank you notes and baking thank you cookies and I am content. So very content.

And I think that all things baby are going well. I do feel like I've forgotten virtually everything I learned with Belle, but Brooklyn has only had one unexplained crying episode and she's nursing like a champ. It's just amazing to me that I have this little family and I'm falling in love all over again every morning!

And I am so very grateful for this guy. He took some sick days this weekend to take care of us girls. And man did he ever step up to the plate. I did virtually nothing all weekend. He served dinner and cleaned up afterwards. He did all the laundry and kept the house tidy. He answered the phone every time it rang and fielded all the calls. He played with Isabella and cuddled with Brooklyn. I was sad when he went to work today, knowing we wouldn't be spending every minute togther again, but it also makes the day better to wait for him to walk through the door!

You know all those feelings you have and there are words to describe them, but they're just not enough. It's one of those days.


Jen said...

Maybe the word you are looking for is "blessed". :)

Amanda said...

I am so glad you've had so much help and support! I think she's got Belle's nose and mouth, which means she's got YOUR nose and mouth. I think Belle is a mini-you so maybe Brooklyn will be too. She is truly beautiful, Amanda!

karen said...

I agree with Jen.

Blessed it is.


T said...

I love words to really describe the feelings! It's so, so true and I can just imagine how it must feel to 'fall in love again every morning' with your new little addition. She is a gorgeous girl...and though I can't see the feline thing, Nala is a beautiful cat, so it's a good resemblence=)

The Cat said...

It made me happy just reading this. Thanks for sharing it with us.