Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I absolutely cannot believe that an entire week has gone by since I've written a post. I swear that about six of them materialized in my brain and I was sure I wrote them. I spent the last few days sorting through my digital pictures in order to delete the crap and put them all in one organizational system before I started choosing what to order for my next scrapbook project. I guess I got caught up in organizing over 1300 photos, and that's just one year! I put in the order but have yet to look through the pictures to make sure they're all good quality. There may have to be a small re-order as some of the pics were a bit dark and I couldn't decide if that made them look like black squares or artsy.

In organizing my photos I came across a few video gems I had forgotten about. I just spent the last hour trying to upload one through Photobucket but it consistently got cut short! Does anyone else know a good outlet to upload some video to?

In a small update I went for my fourth ultrasound only to be told that the radiologist was new and being extremely picky about the pictures. Nothing wrong, just someone wanting to over achieve. (I did ask the gender but was told it was too early to tell, I guess we'll have to stick with surprises.) I also took Brooklyn to the pediatrician who got her naked, put her on the scale, laughed out loud and sent us home. Yes, she laughed. out. loud. I had thought that Brooklyn felt heavier than the 12 lbs the scale said, but everything feels extremely heavy to me these days. She weighs 18.5 lbs. She is fine.


Jen said...

Glad all is well in the weight department! :)

Photobucket you can only have 2 minute videos. I'd try youtube. Good luck!

Amanda Brown said...

Glad Brooklyn's doing so well.
I really like Vimeo's service for uploading video.

Amanda Franks said...

I knew it was a limit at photobucket, but my video is seriously 45 seconds, crazy! I'll try some of the others.

Lamb said...

We all knew Brooklyn was just fine. Mothers always know. lol