Sunday, August 12, 2007

Very Ferry

For the second part of our family outing we decided to try out Toronto Island. I had heard a few people talking about it over the summer and envisioned a large island with park benches and gardens and picnic spots. Nick took me to the web site before we headed out and there are a billion things to do on the island. We chose one activity section that looked nice, packed a picnic and decided to go with the girls agenda instead of our own. To get across to the island you have to take a ferry, another first for me as well as the girls.
This picture is of Isabella on the way home on the top deck of the ferry with Nick. Alcohol is prohibited on the Island which makes it a great place to take your children without the worry of them witnessing a drunken brawl, or since it is the T dot, something far worse. The ferry was full of children on the way home with us and after a long day out the smell of old diapers and mothers who had been spewed upon was a little much, so Nick and Belle escaped to the top deck.
This is the city Skyline as we headed back across the ferry.
Me and Isabella enjoying our picnic suppers, and running from segulls.
There aren't any pictures of Brooklyn from the day really. She is cutting her two top teeth and spent the majority of the day sleeping and noshing on arrowroots. Here's Isabella trying to provide her some relief.
After our supper we headed towards the Franklin's Childrens Garden. A really lovely garden with bronze statues of all the Franklin tv show characters. Franklin is by far one of Isabella's favorite shows and it was so cute to see her run up to the statutes, give them hugs and carry on conversations with them just like they were her real buddies. I put more pics of it on her blog.
After a couple hours on the Island Belle started to be a little less obedient than we expect of her and so we decided to call it a day. It was a super day out, lots of fun and one that I'm sure we'll be repeating over and over again next summer.

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Angella said...

Looks like a good day! I hear ya on the top teeth - Emily finally punched all 4 :)