Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ice is Nice

Yesterday we had a family outing day. Our original plan had been to take the girls to the London's Childrens Musuem to see a Munsch exhibit. Nick checked out the website and deduced it was more for children who could read. Since Isabella can't and there will be plenty of time when she can we decided to go on a "no reading required" outing.

Our first stop was the Hockey Hall of Fame. When it was first suggested I pictured a day of Nick in his glory oblivious to his children while they screamed and carried on and I was left to my own devices in a public arena which isn't a pleasant vision. It was pretty much the polar opposite. A super day.

The HHF was surprisingly empty considering it was a Saturday afternoon, but we took full advantage of the lack of crowd to let Brooklyn explore at her own pace. She cralwed around for a while, climbed up on the walls and got really up close with some of hockey's legends.
Here we are with Lord Stanley himself. The Cup is upstairs in a smaller room where they hold the inductions to the HHF, (at least that's what Nick said). The room is small enough that you can hear the conversations of people around you. I don't think I'll ever get over how cool it is to hear so many different languages in the same place all saying versions of the same thing:

"What $10 to get a picture with the Cup?" "I know, do you think they'd let us use our own camera and have someone take it?" "I don't know let's just try and sneak it in." "We'll we could always ask that guy who works here, but what if he says we have to pay?".

I swear I heard the same conversation in Kroatian, English, French, German, Pig Latin.

You can take your picture without paying for it, the guy who works there will even snap it for you!

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