Friday, August 17, 2007

Say What, Isabella?

Yesterday Isabella got a package from my mom. In it was a new outfit. She took it out of the packaging, gave it a huge hug and said "I love it momma." Then she put it on, almost entirely by herself.

Today I went up to get her from my time out, (she wasn't tired but I needed a few childless minutes so she was gated in her room). She had peed in her Pull Up, (I did not want to end my childless minutes cleaning up anything foul), taken it off, thrown it into the bathroom and proceeded to put on new panties and shorts, by herself.

She no longer says 'no' by itself when she is defiant. Now she says 'no, I don't want'.

Yesterday she told us she loves Taco Bell.

This week she asked me where her conscience is.

Apparently London Bridge is falling down and it's Belle's job to tell the whole world, hence the repetition of the song for the last two weeks whenever there is silence.

Isabella walked into our scrapbooking room last friday and exclaimed; "Oh my gosh, (small hand covering wide open mouth), it's amazing." I guess people do notice when I tidy up.


wandi said...

From the mouths of babes. I love it. You never know what they are going to say or when. She is so adorable.

Elizabeth said...

I love that they get smart like that, but who said they were allowed to actually grow up?!

Angella said...

She's growing so fast! Isn't it fun hearing the things they come up with? :)

Angela said...

Its so much fun when they start talking more!

Kim said...

I'm glad the package arrived - and that Belle loved it! Do they fit - or anywhere near fit?

Belle is getting so smart and so good at expressing herself! You should have her call her Gramma tomorrow before she goes to bed ;)!

I guess you can't get upset at her wetting the pullup when she was gated away from the bathroom! But what a super job of cleaning up, Belle!!

How is Brook doing with her teeth? You said she was a bit grumpy at Toronto Island with them. How are you and Nick doing too?

Miss you all! Love you all!