Monday, August 27, 2007

Old Haunts

This past week we spent a few days up at my Grandparent's trailer on Blackstone Lake in Northern Ontario. It was neat to take my kids up to a place I hung out at as a kid. The place has really changed since I was last up there but a few special places remained. My grandpa took us out on the boat a few times and we got to look at Lawson's Bay which used to be an empty quiet place for fishing. Now it features cottages like this:

With docks for single boats like this:

My grandpa says the rumor is these people are putting in a small gondola to take them from cabin to dock. I could believe it. There's a lot of money on the lake now. So much so in fact they aren't sure how many more years they'll have a trailer up there. They rent in a park and the owner may get a really good offer and sell. I can't say I'd blame her with all the million plus dollar deals going down up north.

The weather was grey and rainy while we were there with a humidex of about one million. So we spent most of the time indoors just trying to breathe, but had a blast nonetheless. Once again not a single shot of Brooklyn and I'm not even sure why Isabella has such a monopoly on our camera.

Here are some of our fun moments.

Driving the boat. She loved doing this but we only let it putter when she's driving so it would last about ten seconds and then she'd jump out and tell grandpa to "Let's Go!" so we could go faster. At this particular moment she is telling me not to take a picture of her driving thank-you-very-much.

Us on the big rocks, which are so much smaller when you're in your 20's.

One of the many hilarious moments provided by Isabella running in and out between the trailer and screened in porch which she overtook with her mega blocks.

Isabella is getting all right at taking pictures herself like these of my grandpa and grandma.


Lamb said...

Great pix but we cannot download them.

Elizabeth said...

I love the pic of her peeking out the door - soo cute!