Sunday, January 28, 2007

Time Flies

After Brooklyn was born I did a couple posts about my thoughts on 'The Fourth Trimester'. In the beginning I was a new concept to me and I was really eager to figure it out. Since I began those posts I have come to figure it out for myself, (it may be different for you), and I thought that today I would write a bit of closure on the subject.

I first thought through the question, 'how long does the fourth trimester last?'. The answer, three months. At the beginning of the fourth month you enter the Fifth trimester as by definition I trimester is three months.

Which led to the second question, 'how many trimesters are there?'. The answer, it depends. I've come to the conclusion that once you begin having a life depend on you for nourishment you have entered the trimesters and they end once that life no longer depends on you for nourishment. So they end when you are no longer the milk maid and your precious bundle is eating just like everyone else.

The next thing I thought about was 'whether or not the trimesters after the baby were born are as important as the trimesters while carrying the baby'. I believe they are. It takes nine months for a life to grow, then more months to adjust to having that life around. Finally, (supposedly), we adjust to the reality of life and are ready to be ourselves again. In which point trimesters end because I don't think anyone measures their life in trimesters once they are grown up. (Hi, I'm Amanda I am 106.3 trimesters old!). I think we also need the after birth trimesters to remember to take care of ourselves for ourselves. It was quite easy for me to remember to eat healthily while pregnant because it was for another life, but to adjust back to remembering to do the same for myself takes a bit of time.

My final question I posed to myself was 'whether or not I will miss the trimesters.'. I hope not. I can see myself wanting to hold onto them though. It's so easy to say things like, 'I'm not fat I just had a baby.' or 'I can't work out my baby keeps me up all night.' Once the trimesters end I have to remember to take responsibility for myself and let go of the easy excuses that come with being a new mother, and that takes time to give up.


motherinlaw said...

You are a wise young mother, Amanda. Please take good care of our grandaughters' mother. We love you and miss you.

Lindsay said...

Amanda: Whenever you comment on my blog, I feel so encouraged. I read your blog all the time, and am continally encouraged by your strength and your resolve to fight and push, when I would have given up. Thank you for your honest posts and your life perspectives.

T said...

Interesting concept. It's true that we need the transition times foresure!

Anonymous said...

In which trimester did you become the ugliest cow to inhabit the planet? Please do us all a favour and take the welfare stamps or the church kitty and make yourself presentable to the rest of the world. I have never seen an uglier mother than you. My guess is that you ar 35 - 40. Can you imagine how horrible you will look at 50!!!!!

Mom said...

My guess is anonymous rolled out of bed on the wrong side! I pray that you will have a better day than you have started here!

Tara said...

I just found your blog and I really enjoy it! Please ignore the rude comments from "anonymous" - you are a beautiful mother and your daughters are blessed to have you. So there.
Tara Robertson