Sunday, January 07, 2007

At my house right now I am listening to the sound of.......nothing. Well I have the tv on so I don't get lonely, (there's something about Owen Wilson that just makes you feel like you're at a party). I started working on getting a routine down early last week, then I got quite sick, then yesterday I said to myself: 'Self, suck it up and let's get some normalcy around here.'.

So I'm working on getting Brooklyn a schedule. Mostly it's easy. I already know what she naturally does and most of it's really well suited to our lives once things start up again after the holidays in about two weeks. I'm trying to work our schedule out to limit the number of public feedings cuz those are hard to do while watching two kids alone. And I've tried to pump again, but things are not flowing as well as at the beginning so the bottles are few. It will all work out, but it takes dedication. Having switched to formula so early last time I feel like I'm really learning the sacrifice of breastfeeding.

Anywho. The hard part of the scheduling thing is teaching Brooklyn that nap time lasts a certain amount of time it's not in spurts throughout the day. It took about a week of being really diligent to get Isabella trained and I think the same could happen this time around except for the new variable. Siblings. I didn't have to teach Isabella to sleep through someone else's noise. It's definitely a blancing act around here.

But the pay off is so worth it. In the afternoon I could be child free, (as in no one attached to my hip or ankle), for two hours! Isabella plays in her room for an hour then sleeps for an hour in the afternoon. I'm hoping once we start doing more activities in the morning that she'll sleep longer and play less in the afternoon cuz she tends to play loudly.

They are getting along great as sisters these days. Isabella now climbs up on the couch about once a day and asks to hold Brooklyn, (when Nick is off next weekend I'll get a picture it's adorable), and when I say we're going to go for a walk or up for a bath or something Belle tries to pick her up! Brooklyn always smiles when Isabella giggles and even though she's been tripped over and stepped on countless times she doesn't cry about it. It will be so neat to see them become friends.

Speaking of sticking with it, I should probably use this free hour to do more practical things. I'm considering a shower, but I'm still sweating this cold out of me, so maybe I'll wait until later in the day and hopefully not have to shower four times today. I'll probably just get back to Owen Wilson......I am sick after all.


Jen said...

Sounds like you have things under control over there. Good for you!

Angella said...

I hope you're feeling better soon! And it WILL be neat to watch their friendship blossom :)

Elizabeth said...

That's so cool to have two girls. I wonder... anyhow, nice work on the scheduling work, I can only dream of getting my one kid on a schedule!

T said...

That will be so nice for your girls to grow up together and become friends=)

Hope you are feeling better soon...and remember that Slurpees always help if you have have a scratchy throat!

geeksters said...

Your little girls sound adorable. It must be nice to finally have some time to yourself; I hope you enjoy it:)

wandi said...

Bless you Amanda. Keep on trucking girl. Enjoy the quiet times cuz when you have more than one baby those quiet times are few and far between. I hope you feel better soon.