Friday, January 05, 2007

I love technology.

Tonight we staged about a dozen photos to catch up on some of Christmas activities that our camera was dead for. I asked Nick just to get a picture of him and Belle posing next to their Gingerbread house. And he did but then he had her pose so it looked like she was sneaking candy, and like they were putting it together. It was a hoot. The girls were also given a huge bear in a Santa hat and scarf. It's a cute bear and we, (and by we I mean I), decided to take a picture of the girls with it each year to see how they grow through the year. So we posed that for about 20 minutes. Nick even started saying to Belle "work it, work it", and she actually giggled, posed, and threw fake smiles at the camera!

We also purchased a cordless keyboard and mouse at a Boxing Day sale. We ended up getting it for about $25. Sweet! I am really enjoing not get stuck in cords. We have ours all bundled and put in a sleeve dohicky so the girls don't play with them. It left just enough free cord for the keyboard to be right at the computer screen. I don't sit that close so it was a constant struggle for me, and now I have FREEDOM!

I am also in love with 1 vs 100. I think I wont watch it as much when my regular shows are no longer repeats. It doesn't conflict time wise but I'll feel like I'm spending too much time with that box.

And in non technology news I am actually at July in Belle's first year album. I know she was only born in March so that's not a huge dent in the year, but there are already so man pages! It's been quite the challenge. I really need to get it done and Nick just arrived with my slurpee so I will now resituate in front of the other box with my scrapbooking!



T said...


Glad you guys had a good Christmas, I will catch up on all your posts when it's not so late!

I never did get G's baby book done b4 baby J was born so you're doing well to have a few months done of Belle's in my books.

I like the new look too btw=)


Mom said...

Are you scrapbooking Christmases separate from the rest of the year? How do you get started - I keep intending to but have no idea what I am doing!

Hey - July - you're almost half done! Have fun!

Angella said...

Good for you on the scrapbooking front. I haven't even tried :)

Amanda said...

Now I want a slurpee!