Monday, January 08, 2007

Sleep becomes her.

Unfortunately that her is not me. I have the worst case of insomnia ever. Usually when I get insomnia it's because I have a huge project on the go. Like in college when I pulled all nighters even though the paper wasn't due for two weeks. As soon as I get into something I need to see it through. Sometimes my insomnia comes when my internal clock is all out of whack, like when I worked in the banquet department of a hotel and was often, but not always, up until 3:00am. But the worse times to get insomnia are when I'm stressed out. When all my mind does is try to think about things I cannot solve. This is just one of those such times. There is a sticky situation coming up in our near future that I haven't a clue how to solve. I sit around a lot during the day trying to think of an ingenious solution but there isn't any to be found as far as I can tell. Now, I know there is a solution and it will just take someone with expertise in the area to help us solve it, and we happen to know such a person! But, getting our schedule to jive with their schedule seems to be somewhat more difficult than I anticipated. I know that once we do meet with them the steps we need to take will be laid out and we'll begin taking them, and for some reason I feel that should be enough to give me ease of mind. But as this insomnia proves it just isn't. I laid in bed for four hours tonight trying to sleep. I tried to daydream about being on a cruise. I tried to count really slowly. I tried to get up and pee and get back into bed. Obviously none of it has worked as I am at the computer at 2:30am. Insomnia sucks. Especially when I have two little children that will be up in 5 hours and need me for the next 13. I can't believe I used to choose to stay up this late!


Jen said...

I hope you get to the bottom of your problem so you can get some much needed rest! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help, like maybe call and sing you lullabies until you fall asleep. ;)

Mom said...

Jen - you are soo sweet.

Same from me - call if I can help!

T said...

I hear ya...and NO DOUBT! Why did I ever find 3am appealing?? I guess it was when I could also sleep in the next day and had noone else to take care of but myself. Those days are definitely over!

Anyway, I hope you're not losing too much sleep and that the whole sticky situation is resolved for you guys soon! It does totally stink when your body is screaming for sleep but your brain is wide, WIDE awake...happens to me by about the 2nd or 3rd feeding in the night! Sadness=(

Angella said...

Hope you managed to get some sleep...and resolve your issue :)