Thursday, September 14, 2006

Update and Thanks

I just want to say thanks to everybody that took a second to comment on my last post, Circles and if you haven't please do, or if you have and thought of something else feel free to keep commenting. I'm not taking any steps until after the baby is born, but I have started gearing up to step out of my comfort zone and make this happen, so all comments are appreciated!

As for the updating portion. We're still the same. I had my 37 week check up today and yep, still pregnant, still doing what I'm supposed to be doing, nothing happening at a faster pace than it should. We're having people over for chili on Sunday so I will consume half of it, even though I hate chili, and hopefully that will get things going, (just kidding). The hearbeat has slowed to 138 and I am still gaining about a pound a week and the Braxton Hicks are remaining thus and not becoming labor. Nick had his interview today that was supposed to be his first one followed immediately by his second and training starting next week. The second interview has now been postponed to next Wednesday and his anticipated start date is now September 25th. I'm not sure I've mentioned the issues I've been having getting my ROE from my employer. If I haven't, I requested it two months ago and I still haven't seen it. I am now getting all sorts of people passing the buck on it and so on Monday went in and filled out a form so the Gov't can get it direct from my employer. I am now waiting for that magic piece of paper in the mail saying my EI claim has been processed. And hopefully once that is done I will find out I was told the proper info and will be retro paid to August 4 as I was told I would. So, we're still stressed but have both become pretty numb to the money thing. The bills come we put them on the bulletin board they get paid as the money comes in. Nothing more I can do about it.

We are however having a great time getting to know people and hanging out, God has truly been gracious to us in allowing us to leave our money struggles at home so we aren't missing out on life. We have some pals who recently lived in Australlia for a year and they have so many stories. And another friend who is a Jr. Kindergarten/Kindergarten teacher and those stories just melt my heart and cause me to pee my pants. Plus watching friends experience their first pregnancy is so exciting, and they're having twins so it's all new to me and I enjoy it so much. Total sidebar, but I know a lot of preggos read this. Our friends expecting twins found out the genders and they are having a boy and a girl. The boys name is seriously going to be Jackson Danger. And it totally fits them and their life and is just so cool. It just struck me as proof positive that parents know the right name for their child!

Well I could go on forever and ever because my kitchen is a mess and I just don't want to clean it. But I better, who knows I might go into labor tonight and then I'll have visitors and a disgusting kitchen. Powerful motivation. Can it last to the end?? Or will I just go play X-box with Nick??


T said...

Hey, that's precisely what John is doing right now!

Can't wait till we hear the 'baby's arrived' news!!

Anonymous said...

What are you going to do when the cut off your electricty and you can no longer afford to buy diapers, what about the gas bill, the grocery bill?????

Angella said...

I also can't wait for the birth announcement!!


Jen said...

I'm so glad you are able to get out and enjoy those around you!

motherinlaw said...

Hey Amanda,
We are so excited about the new baby. We also went through tight times when the boys were little but we made it through with God's help, of course. I really think it taught us to rely on Him and it also brought us closer together. I would much rather not have money for all the "things" that our culture tells us we must have and have my family around me than have all those "things" and have an empty life.
I am also hoping that anon will soon have the decency to stop being so childish. It all sounds like jealousy to me, don't you think.
Anyway, just wanted to let you know that we love you and are looking forward to seeing you soon. God bless.

Mom said...

Remember that old verse I have in the China cabinet? The jist of it is cobwebs and dirty dishes will wait till tomorrow but the kids grow up whether you're there or not - and husbands are really just big kids to be enjoyed! So go play X-box! If you go into labor and have the baby, maybe some sweet soul will come in to help out with housework while you bond with baby and Belle - who knows!

I'm glad the money woes aren't keeping you from enjoying life and making friends. There will always be bills to pay and things we might like to buy, so it never really goes away but the trick is to not let that evil money keep you from enjoying the life God has blessed you with. So, as we come close to Thanksgiving, count your blessings not your bills, 'cause, Honey, you have way more blessings than bills!

Love you. Can't wait to come see you all. Hugs and kisses to everyone!