Friday, September 22, 2006


Life has gotten a little boring around here. Just waiting for the baby to arrive and the women I currently know work full time so I don't have much to do from Sunday after Amazing Race until Survivor on Thursday. I am a pretty social person, but became quite the hermit while living in Calgary. I didn't so much like the hermit phase so I took my first step back into the land of the living-I started going to the Ladies Morning Out at the church. I've only gone one week so far and we ended up a bit late so I had to just sneak into the back. I ended up next to the current worship leader who felt the need to share 42 times. Now I'm not a shy person, as long as I go to a new situation with someone I know, so this was a bit of a stretch for me. There was the obvious two clicks, young mothers and old mothers. I am so intimidated by the young mothers, but not exactly looking for a best friend in the old mothers. It's going to be interesting I'm sure. We're doing a study all together as a group which is great as I can take my time to ease in and meet people and do my best to meet them I will. But that's not what this post was supposed to be about.

Afterwards I had to wait around to register because of the late arrival and while awkwardly waiting by the table people came up and introduced themselves to me-sorta. See they all assume that because Nick knows them he's told me of them and I therefore should know them. It is true that 90% of the people I can link to a story Nick has told me, but not until an excruciating explanation to Nick about what they look like!! So very funny. I'm really not sure how to handle the awkwardness of it all. Right now all the conversations start the same:

"So you're excited for the new baby?"

"Yep we are!"

"That will be a great way to spend Christmas."

"Yeah, I'm hoping I don't go too overdue this time."

"So when are you actually due?"

"In about 10 days."

"What????" then awkward red faces and a lot of back pedalling etc. etc. "Are you sure? You're so small."

"You're right I'm actually due in January but this way maybe you'll go buy me a present and bring it next week!"

What do they mean am I sure? It's true I don't stick out way in the front, but my hips are officially on opposite sides of the continent!

Ah the awkwardness of meeting new people! At least making sure I''m polite and not laughing at them keeps me from peeing myself. Seriously, where do those muscles go???


Jen said...

I always got the opposite comments.

"Wow! You must be do any day!"

"Actually ... I'm only 7 minutes pregnant. But thanks."

I'm glad you are getting out and meeting people!

Robyn said...

Yikes, I find it awkward meeting new people too (not fun when you're an MK!) - I can only imagine how difficult it could be as a minister's wife when people have a proprietary interest in you. I hope things go well during your introductory period and you make some good friends soon.

Michelle said...

Oh Amanda, don't give up. And, good luck with your birth. HOpe all goes well. Safe and sound.

Angella said...

Before you know it, you'll be all settled in! I keep waiting for baby news :)

T said...

Ok, so all I can say is at least they aren't looking at you with PITY in there eyes b/c you are so 'out front'! Every time someone asks me now how long I have left to go they almost fall over in shock that I still have 2 months. They may aswell just come right out and say..."man you're huge". Ah well, we learn to take it all in stride right?

I hope you really connect with one or two other moms at that morning out! It would be so encouraging I'm sure=)

Mom said...

Thanks for the laugh Amanda! I needed that this Tuesday morning after having the flu really bad all weekend!

Nick is sooo much like your dad! It takes some time to get the the 'thing' that triggers their memories as to whom you are talking about.

Good luck meeting some of the others at the morning out - remember, if they are there, they probably aren't working soooo....

And make good use of Isabella's new little friendships to draw you into conversations with other moms!

Can't wait to hear --- and then see. Counting the days!

motherinlaw said...

I love hearing the little stories about what you are thinking when meeting new people. Your sense of humour is terrific.