Monday, September 25, 2006

Enough Already.

I was just reading through an issue of Parents magazine and they honestly cited a study that links bedwetting with formula fed babies. I'm not wanting to get into an argument/ discussion/debate/anything about formula versus breastfeeding. But seriously. There are millions of children starving in this world, why can't we just pat ourselves on the back for finding a healthy alternative for women who chose not to breastfeed!! Why do we have to try and propoganda them into believing they're causing their children a world of hurt if they don't breastfeed!! Ugh. In Calgary I was introduced to a group of women who are "maternal feminists" and if I don't stop this rant right now I am going to end up on a soapbox about that too.

Let's blame it on hormones. I just wanted you all to know there's no baby yet! Although after reading the above paragraph you probably figured that out, lol!!


Jen said...

I think there are just some people out there who need something to complain about and something to blame everything on. Silliness.

Amanda said...

So true.

motherinlaw said...

Wow!!! I never knew. lol I guess I permanently warped my sons. Sorry Amanda. hahaha