Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Could this be the last one?

We had a busy, busy weekend, which is very fun to say because so many of our days have been humdrum and boring. On Friday we had a BBQ with the pastoral staff to formally meet the people who work at the church and their spouses. It was at the Sr. Pastor's home and while I would definitely not use the word "stuffy" to describe the pastoral staff I had no idea what to expect. There are quite a few close talkers in the group and the first hour or so was spent with them talking to me, I began to get a little uncomfortable, but luckily I have a toddler who provides the perfect escape at just the right moments. By the end of the evening we were all sitting around sharing our most embarassing moments, and let's just say I now know some of those people a little too well!!

Then on Saturday we were heading out to dinner at a friend's place. There are a few couples who get together once a weekend and kinda swap turns cooking. We have been invited to join them since arriving and so didn't think anything of it when we got the call with the details for this weekend. Upon our arrival though we realized we had been dupped and it was a surprise baby shower!! I totally didn't even expect it as we don't know the baby's gender and most women I know love to wait until they can go ga-ga over the little pink or blue outfits. It was just two extended families at the shower and man did they spoil us. We got a bunch of beautiful yellow outfits and a few hundred diapers. Such a good time. I'm not very good at being the center of attention, so everyone decided it was gift time and continued talking while I stealthily opened all the presents, making sure to make eye contact and thank the giver, but without having to have everyone look at me. It was great. After the crowd dispersed and it was just us and the two couples we usually get together with we started chatting and chiling and suddenly realized it was 10:30pm!!! I thought that maybe it was 9:00 at the latest as that's when Belle starts to walk into things in sleepiness and she had just started to. Where does the time go?

Nick and I came home and were watching television. There was a marathon of "Dog the Bounty Hunter" episodes and Nick is definitely addicted to that show. We stayed up until 1:00am watching that, what were we thinking? At around midnight I started getting some pretty intense tightening in my abdomen and my lower back started to ache. It was happening about every 10-15 minutes and I started to think 'this is it! Our baby is on it's way!'. I didn't say anything to Nick because I didn't want him to be disappointed if it wasn't and as I've never been in early labor before I had no idea if it really was. I tried to go to bed but they just kept on happening and I laid there awake until 4:00 when it just suddenly stopped. Oh well, better luck next time. Since then though I've been totally distracted by every twinge or feeling of uncomfortableness, I'm just not good at this waiting thing!! Of course in total irony I have yet to pack a bag for the hospital. I'll probably have been sitting here for three weeks doing nothing but restlessly waiting and still end up unprepared! Wouldn't that be funny.


Anonymous said...

I cannot how believe how physically ugly you are.....the pictures of yourself are absolutely repulsive. I would think you would be too embarassed to post them. Here's hoping the new monster will resemble your husband and not you.

Angella said...

You look great! Sounds like the baby's getting ready to make his or her arrival!

Amanda said...

Soon and very soon! I'm glad you guys got spoiled at the baby shower. Fun times!

Mom said...

Amanda, you are beautiful!!

(Anonymous, I will pray for you to get a better self-esteem and a better outlook on life.)

I just can't wait to come out and spoil all four of you - and I will - on October 23 at say, lunchtime!!! Of course Dad and De will be there to spoil you too! I'll call later with more details!!

Jen said...

You look so great Amanda! I love your cute little outfit. :)

I hope next time you get the twinges it IS the real thing. Good luck!

Sam said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend!

Come onnnnnnnnnnn baby!

Elizabeth said...

Sounds so exciting to be approaching this next baby so soon. You look great. Would you please e-mail me your mailing address?

Anonymous, we don't care what you think.

Robyn said...

So exciting that you're almost there! And totally cool that you got a great baby shower :)
And of course, you are looking wonderful!

T said...

You are ALL BELLY girl!!! The rest of you is so petite...you must be ready for the REAL contractions to come! I hope you don't have any more false alarms (and that you actually feel ready when they do come!)

motherinlaw said...

Amanda, You look Great!!!!!
Having a surprise baby shower for you was a terrific idea. We can hardly wait to see you guys. We will be in town by the 8th in the afternoon.
Everyone, I think that we should just ignore anonymous and not rise to the poor things rantings.
I love the story about the time at the pastor's place. very funny.

wandi said...

Amanda you are so beautiful. You have a pregnant momma glow. soon you wil have a baby sibbling for your gorgeous Belle. I pray for you in your time of delivery.