Monday, September 11, 2006

Secret Weapon

Today we learned the power of our secret weapon-Isabella's cuteness. We're in the process of changing our plates and licences and car insurance from Alberta to Ontario. We thought we had 6 months for this process, but unfortunately you only have 60 days to do said tasks. Fortunately the church gave us a "good faith loan" and we have the ridiculous amount of money needed to finish said tasks.

Or at least we thought we did. The dreaded Out of Province Inspection and Safety took place this morning. Being that we have a lease we take very good care of our car so as not to be dinged with hidden fees upon it's return. The car passed 98% of the inspection with flying colors. However, we got two chips in our windshield from stones on the drive out here. Two miniscule chips, but they are in the driver's plane of view and so must be repaired. Well actually the entire windshield must be replaced due to these two tiny chips. I must stress these chips are tiny, smaller than the end of my thumb, but will cost $400.00 to repair well enough to pass the safety inspection.

Or would they?

Enter Isabella.

We went back to the dealership as a family to pick up the car as we were going to switch over the insurance paperwork. Belle was in top form cuteness. Walking right into the office with a hearty "hello" for all who worked there. Nick asked politely, 'does the windshield need to be replaced or can I just have the chips repaired?'. Let me check with the mechanic says the nice lady. And she comes back, 'As long as they are about 80% less noticeable that will be fine.'. Sweet. So we head to the glass repair place. The man says no problem. But Nick double checks and the guy finally confesses 'I can keep them from spreading but they'll probably be just as noticeable.'. Crap, we're dupped. Back to the $400 price tag. But we stop by the dealership one more time. Nick tells the lady exactly what the repair man said. She notices a very cute sleeping Isabella in her car seat. 'Don't worry about it, you'll pass. See you tomorrow." Basically Nick just has to show up with a receipt proving that someone did something to our windshield and it will be saftey-ed. Sweet. From $400 to $40.

The best news we've had in 6 weeks!


T said...

NICE! Love it when that happens=)

Angella said...

Good news!

She IS pretty darn cute :)

motherinlaw said...

Hey Amanda,
Projected cost of replacing windshield. $400

Real cost of just mending it. $40

Isabella's cuteness PRICELESS!!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG, you can't afford $400.00. You talk about it as if it is the end of the

Anonymous said...

OMG....being so financially destitute that you can't afford $400.00. The fact that you had to take a "good faith loan" to transfer you insurance. How can you even think of bringing a child into this world. It is time for you to seriously think about the future and how desperate you actually are.

Please consider giving your unborn child up for adoption to a family that can afford him/her. Please consider the child and not yourselves at this time. Think of the generous gift you could give to a family that can actually afford to have a child. Think of the advantages that your child could have, all of the opportunities that you cannot afford to give.

It is so pathetic that you are selfish enough to bring a child into this world when you cannot afford to support the existing family. Relying on others to carry you through sends the wrong message to your daughter. The message says that when you are desperate enough someone is always there to ensure that you can make it through...granted it builds faith in other people, but what about taking responsibility for yourself? What about being capable of looking after yourself without the charity of others? What about morals and self esteem?

It is time you took a long hard look at what the future may hold for you and your family. Time to look at what you are missing out on, time to look at what your daughter is going to miss out on in the future because of you and your husbands present actions.

Amanda Franks said...

I have listened to everything you have had to say so many times over. Assuming you are the same anonymous person, (which I feel confident doing because you keep asking me to give up my children). I am so sad that you have never had a challenge or a tough time in your life. You'll never know how weak you truly are, or what it feels like to be supported and cared for. Those are all valuable things to know. It also makes me sad that you do not know the phrase "to everything there is a season", because that's all this is. A season. I share about it honest and rawly right now because it's my current reality. But I'm not stupid. I didn't blow my allowance in a candy shop, we simply ran into some circumstances beyond our control that interrupted our money flow and we were taken for a ride by our moving company. Please don't lash out and tell me I'm coming up with excuses because it's my life and I know. In a few months I am going to reflect on this and see how I grew, how God took care of me and how much stronger I am for facing it. So say what you want. Actually scrap that. If you don't have the courage to say who you are, quit commenting on my blog. You're pissing off a lot of people and I'm running out of patience with your ignorance.

dags said...

Hey Amanda! I've been reading your blog for a while, just have never commented...until now because I'm one of the people ticked off at "anonymous". It sucks that someone feels the need to build themself up by railroading others. I know I don't need to tell you that the people who know you and know your situation, know the truth. Maybe it's time to turn on the comment moderator? Too bad, though...really. Isabella is soooo cute...hope everything is going well with the little one in your belly!

Will said...

Hey Amanda, that rocks about your windshield cost dropping. God does provide when needed. You're Bella is definatly cute and I can't wait for number 2 to come along and grace the world with their cuteness as well lol. Hopefully I'll be able to make it down to Ontario sometime and visit you guys. Miss ya tons.

As for Anonymous, If you have the stupidity to post ignorant comments on someones blog, have the courage to put your name on it. You know nothing of my sister and her life and have no reason to attack her and her family. Grow a pair and put your actual name down or find a new hobby.