Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Curse of the ER

Now I know that most everyone has pegged Grey's Anatomy as the hospital drama to watch. I don't know whether or not I would be a fan as I've never taken the time to watch an entire episode. But, I have faithfully been watching ER since it first launched, I believe 11 seasons ago. I was there as one by one the original cast left and moved on to other projects. I've seen them die, get married, have babies, come out. I've been there for it all. Once the original cast was gone many people abandoned the show, but I have fully embraced the newbies as each one entered the scene. So much so I actually considered not joining a Bible Study because it's on Thursday nights and would conflict with the show. (I could tape it if my babysitter wants to watch it as you have to watch what you're taping, but I'm not sure I could ask that of someone).

Anyway. During both of my pregnancies there have been people on this show expecting. With Isabella it was Doctor Carter, (Noah Wylie) and the girl whose name I can't remember right now who is also in movies. For those of you not familiar with the show, this pregnancy ended in a still birth and the two of them breaking up and ultimately Mr. Carter leaving the show. You can only imagine the stress of a brand new mommy and daddy-to-be witnessing people go through a traumatic event like that. And while I am aware that this is just a tv show, it's the one I talk about like they're my friends. I feel very connected to the characters and it was quite distressing for us. But, Belle was born just fine and dandy.

And now Abby and Luca are having their own baby related struggle. In last season's finale the ER was shot up and Luca was taken hostage, made paralyzed and Abby fell and caused trauma to her abdomen. In the season opener last week, (which played according to schedule may I sarcastically add), Abby ended up having an emergency C-Section at 26 weeks and a hysterectomy as they couldn't get the bleeding under control. So there is this tiny little life on this show we watch in an incubator. I know that this is reality for so many people, and there is no indication that I will have to face it. But like I said I feel like I know these guys and I think about them and their fictitious love and the baby they didn't really create from Thursday at 11:00 to the next Thursday at 9:59 and it causes us some angst.

I can separate reality from tv, I am not in a dilusional state. I do not send them emails wishing their baby all the best. But I just can't shake it from my mind. The pain that people who endure this must be experiencing. I watch how they have them react on tv and wonder if I would really be that calm. Would I really only cry that much? Would Nick really only throw a garbage can at a mirror?

Perhaps we should all stick to a hospital drama that wont really cause any stress. One with cases so out there it's virtually impossible we'll have to go through them. House anyone? Who am I kidding, I already watch it and the autistic kid this week sent me into a flurry. However, I'm not willing to give up tv so I will just use it for cathartic reasons, (who doesn't bawl at Extreme Home Makeover?), and a great excuse for web searches I shouldn't be doing becuase they'll only scare me more.

So, put up your feet and grab your favorite snacks. I guess TV theme songs are the new soundtrack of our lives.


Sam said...

I find that I too get wrapped up in the emotions of characters on TV. I don't find it so much week to week as I do when I watch a whole bunch of episodes in a row on DVD. I generally watch most of my TV on DVD or on the PVR (personal video recorder on our dish), so generally the emotions run rampant when I have the time to sit down and watch.
We all have our guilty pleasures.
You seriously should give Grey's a try though. One whole episode and you'll be hooked.

karen said...

I love er too. Always have, though I took a few years off, but now I'm back onto it. You'd think I'd get enough hospital stress at work, but no, I need to spend my free time immersed in it too. sigh.