Thursday, April 27, 2006


So I still haven't heard from Nick or anyone official if grad will be taking place. Nick went down to the school to see if he could find his glasses, (he left them in the exam room), and to see if he can get an answer on the situation. The grad rehearsal starts in the next half an hour, so hopefully we'll know by then. How crazy if he went to rehearsal and everything and then got a call late tonight saying "sorry dude". Crazy.

My stomach is in knots and every time the phone rings I nearly puke. Our home is usually very quiet but today the phone is ringing off the hook. Crazy.

Well the best thing to do in times of stress is laugh. On road trips Nick and I used to get copies of 17 so we could read and laugh at the stories people write in there. Now that we're more mature we pick up copies of Today's Parents and Parenting so we can laugh at the kids. Here is a little laughter to ease any stress in your life!

"My husband shaves his head. One day our 4 year old Brodie was getting his hair cut and told the stylist, 'my daddy doesn't grow hair on his head just his back.'"
"My 3 year old Kaitlin and I were at a friend's house and someone asked my daughter if her daddy was a good cook. She said 'Yes he cooks pasta'. Then Kaitlin was asked how daddy makes his pasta and she said 'He puts on the water and waits for mommy to get home'."


T said...

Oh my goodness...I hope everything works out for Nick graduating!! I didn't even know about that rule (2.0 GPA). You would think that they would make special considerations seeing as the program will no longer exist (and that classes are SO expensive now!) Let us know the outcome!

Jen said...



You are right- laughter is a great cure for stress. Hope the news you get is good!