Saturday, April 22, 2006


Last night I was awoken a few times by the hungry cries of the little baby boy who came home from the hospital yesterday and lives above us. Right about 3:00 those cries could be heard in our apartment from above. I woke up and listened hoping for that new mom that things were going smoothly and she could get back to sleep. Nick slept on. Now I remember what I have to look forward to, "what honey the baby cried last night? I didn't hear."

Yesterday evening we also went to Derek Selinger's show and his sister was there with her 3 week old daughter Makayla. She was so tiny and easy to cuddle with. True, she wasn't exactly cuddling back but I remembered what I have to look forward to there. The new baby smell, the tiny weight of such a fragile being.

And other friends of ours had their baby as well. The husband was once Nick's room mate and I lived with the wife in dorms. We haven't seen them in a long while and are closer with their younger siblings, but I still felt that surge of overwhelming excitement to hear it was a girl and then rolling her name around on my tongue like a new ice cream, knowing I will like it but having to get used to saying it. "Aria Grace" I kept saying over and over. And I remembered the excitement of the unveiling of my child. Of God's precious creation that I get to show case to the world. All the fun of home made baby announcements that I can send in the mail and spend hours making. The phone calls to close friends. The overly emotional first days where tears roll down your cheeks just because they've arrived.

I like all of these reminders, but now 5 months seems so long to wait!


Elizabeth said...

That's so awesome to see all God's new little babies around you. It'll go by all too quickly!

Jen said...

Once all these babies start popping out I'm just going to be a puddle on the floor. And I'm sure we'll start trying for one shortly after. Good memories. :)

T said...

AWWW! Those are sweet reminders=) Isn't new life wonderful!

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