Monday, April 17, 2006

A new approach.

I recently learned how much of a rut I am stuck in in virtually all areas of life. Nick and I decided to spontaneously buy groceries the other day-no list, no calculator, no coupons. We just walked into the grocery store and bought everything we thought we needed. I got to the check out and ended up spending the same amount I spend when I have a list and all of the "usuals" were on the conveyor belt. How boring is that. I also went to pick an outfit for graduation and had the hardest time trying to make myself buy something that wasn't blue. I am not sure why but about 80% of my wardrobe is blue. I like the color true, but I like lots of colors. It's a rut I tell ya.

The rut I am attempting to break out of currently is one in the most precious area to me. The rut of scrapbooking. I have always been more of a spontaneous scrapbooker. I have a free hour or two I'll pick an event and just go about those pages not worrying about what comes before or after. But I met a lady, and her name is Mrs. Jones and she has the most wonderful scrapbooks ever. I've seen her often at the scrapbooking workshops I go to and often she is sitting there with her steno notebook and shoeboxes of photos just writing things down and reminiscing about old memories. It wasn't until my last visit to the workshop that I actually saw her work and I was blown away.

All of her albums are planned from beginning to end before she even cuts her first photo. And they aren't boring! She knows how many pages there will be for each event, the focus photo of each page, the main colors of the pages. It's amazing. I have recently put in an order for Belle's first album, (well I mean the first album I will be doing for Belle). I know I want it to last from when we were expecting her to at least Christmas of 2006. I'm going to try and plan it all out have a common element on the pages, know what I want to have where. It's going to be a challenge, an awesome, scary, organizational challenge.

The next workshop I'm going to is on May 27th and so I have about a month to plan at least enough to do a few pages that day. I don't even know where to begin! Is anyone else out there a scrapbook planner?

Or if you're not but you do scrapbook, share your inspirations, what you do to get your creative juices flowing, your favorite technique, your favorite product line. Share, share it all. I promise this is only the first of many a scrapbooking posts!


Jen said...

I'm kind of a planner. I organize the pictures I want in chronological order and then just plan two pages at a time (the pages facing each other) as I go along! :)

Lindsay said...

I try to plan my pages so they go. I know if theres an event or whatever, I plan similar colors. Like my craven pics from last year, they are all in blue jean, red and black. So yeah, but sometimes I'm just spontanous. I look at what I have and work with it. Have fun!

Marla said...

I don't know what I am. Probably a plan as we go along kind of scrapbooker. But I have a problem. I absolutely love the end product, but I find scrapbooking to be soooo tedious, that it actually prevents me from even starting one! I really hope that I can get over that one day. It's nice to have that end product, especially for the kids. You know?

Heidi said...

I am kind of a planner, as in on a given night I pick the photos I want to scrap, but as to the end product I have no idea. I have found the longer I think and plan a page, the longer it takes to complete (if I even complete it at all). I have started to just start scrappin and see where it takes me. I love chatterbox paper, bazill card stock, basic grey, me and my big ideas, Tim Holtz distressing ink (I ink everything!!). The list is never ending. I only scrap pictures of my three girls and have been starting to do one page spreads. Happy scrappin!