Tuesday, April 11, 2006


The girl upstairs is still pregnant.
I have not had an ultrasound.
But I did spend an hour shaving my legs from ankle to knee, (baby steps people, this will take baby steps). And I am pleased to confirm that I am indeed a girl.


Jay Shamrock said...

I can't imagine shaving my legs with a huge belly. I have a hard time tying my shoes when I've had too much to eat. Good luck to ya!

Elizabeth said...

you are a riot!

Jen said...

lol! I was all "what??!" because I just finished reading your e-mail. Too funny.

Angella said...

You're a funny girl :)

geeksters said...

Congratulations on resolving your ambiguous gender issue.
Next time you don't need to shave to convince anyone that you are, in fact, a female. All it really takes is a pink bow taped to your head.