Monday, April 10, 2006

Get in my Belly.

Today at work someone made a comment that you can "see that little bean", and so I thought I would put up those requested belly pics. Sadly I did not lose any of my pregnancy weight from the first time around, correction- I lost it twice, I put it back on three times, and ended up weighing the same as I did at nine months preggers when I got pregnant again at ten months post-preggers. So none of these pics are of the bare belly as I think it's mostly flab, but if you like you can imagine it's mostly baby. I was sitting down when I thought to do this, so the sitting bump:

Standing with no props to try and make it look bigger than it actually is.

And me using my hands to try and make it look like there's a baby in there at 14 weeks 5 days preggo.

My first and long awaited pre-natal appointment is on April 20th, an agonizing 10 days away but I shall update then on the heartbeat and hopefully all will be good. Then the ultrasound should be soon after and we'll know what we're dealing with, hm, should I write that post now or later......stay tuned for more thoughts from the preggo procrastinator!

PS: My boobs have not grown at all, although I think my butt has started too. Why can't we all be blessed with outrageous hooters when pregnant, I mean who really wants a ghetto booty? WHO?


Jen said...

Wow! I'm always surprised about how far along you are. Can't wait to hear about the heartbeat.

Marla said...

amanda, you look great! i'm always curious what baby looks like before he/she is born. do they look more like mom? or maybe dad? 9 months of amazing growth and then you get to meet this incredible human being that the two of you made. wow! i'm amazed yet again with God's creation.

Amanda Brown said...

Thanks for the pics! Can't wait until your appointment and it can start to feel more real and your mind can be put at ease. :)

Anonymous said...

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