Saturday, July 14, 2007


We made it through VBS week here without too many scars. Nick was up early each day going from site to site stressing about children dying from heat stroke. On Monday I do believe it got to 48 degrees. That is so hot, especially for little children. It seems as though everyone had taken the proper precautions and I learned on Wednesday night that there always seems to be a heatwave when VBS starts here. Just goes to prove that God is doing good things I'd say! On Wednesday night we had a celebration night where the kids got to show off some of the songs they'd been learning and their parents could meet their leaders. We had sundaes and Nick and his cohort Ann had booked a puppeteer to be the evening's entertainment. Usually the kids run the whole show, but due to other church events it had to be midweek and the kids didn't have as much time to learn a whole night's worth of stuff. The puppeteer was not so good. One guy described her most adequately as 'Mrs. Doubtfire'. She wore that kind of dress, had no idea how to handle a room full of kids and did what must have been her original program-straight out of 1982!! They were able to cut the night a bit short which all the parents were thankful for, and it seems to have been the only snag in a wonderful week!

Brooklyn went for her 9 month check up this week and she's dipped again in the weight percentiles. She's back down below the 5th percentile and my doctor admitted to being a little dumbfounded. (Not those words, but that's the idea). At first we saw his resident but upon her accouncing that my little cherub was only 5.6kg I knew something wasn't going the way it should and so we waited to talk to the doc. He said that if he wasn't looking at the numbers he would have no reason to assume there was anything going wrong. She's happy, she's mentally and physically exactly where she should be. She's even up around the 25th percentile in height, she's just not gaining weight. So, just to make sure all is good we're going to see a pediactrician next week. Just to get a more thurough look; to ensure there's nothing medically wrong that is keeping her from gaining weight. He asked me to make her formula thicker than we had been and to try some foods with a higher fat content. I tried yesterday with the thicker formula, but then she wasn't eating as much food and today all she ate was formula. So we're going to unthicken it because it's that time where finger foods and moving on from chugging to chewing are important. If the pediatrician gives us the thumbs up, we'll just go back to adding foods the way we did with Belle and accept that we have a very small daughter. Which is nice because her future husband is growing splendidly and I think it's cute to have a bigger man and a smaller woman!

I also got the transcription job I applied for! Sweet. It's a bit of a different format hours wise than my old job, but I am now definitely getting paid for my time and wont be doing 'free work' so to speak. I think it's going to be quite easy on the whole. There are busier times and slower times so I'm sure there will be days of high stress and days of boredom- but that's what work is and I'm so excited to have it!


Jen said...

Yay on the job!

I have a small little girl too. Hopefully all checks out well.

Angella said...

I'm sure all is well - you've been through this before. Every child is different! Someone has to be at the small end. :)

Congrats on the job too!

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Lamb said...


Elizabeth said...

congrats on the job!!

Jill said...

Congrats on the job. Most girls want to be small anyways. Good for Brooklyn... she'll be the envy of her class!

Angela said...

Congrats on the new job- hope you enjoy it and it's always nice to get paid for it too! Don't worry about the girls....I work pediatrics and we see lots of smaller kids that are just as healthy as any other! You are a great mom!