Sunday, July 22, 2007

Just One

Last night we went to our friend's wedding and it was super great. We followed the directions to the ceremony, even though we were late and there was a shorter route, (we just didn't realize it until we were halfway there). We actually walked in after the bride. I've been known to be late for weddings habitually, but usually we walk in just before the bride. We're the couple that gives the Groom a heart attack cuz they open the door ever so slightly and he thinks his bride is coming, but no it's the "Fashionably LateFranks" showing up. This is the only picture we have of ourselves. I might be able to snag a few from friends though, (yay facebook!).

The ceremony was Anglican and so pretty formal and all. The reception was fabulous. I really love going to weddings where I know way more people than just the bride and groom, although I will seriously accept an invitation to any wedding.

I could tell you a million reasons why the wedding was so great, but it would be full of all kinds of inside jokes that no one would get because I don't think anyone in G-town actually reads this blog. I'll spare you and instead share the startling realization of the night.

We have one more couple that we are waiting to marry off in our friend circle. After that we become the 'friends of the parents'. We have to wait a good 20 years to start marrying off our daugthers and attend the weddings of friend's children. I sure hope I get to be one of the cool 'friends of the parents' the ones that get invited to the reception. I am going to be in serious withdrawal by then!

These retina burning babes are only going to get hotter in the next 20 years, bring on the ABBA!

(Photo of me and Brooklyn's future Mother In Law, Angela)


Lamb said...


Elizabeth said...

you look fantastic!

Angella said...

You looks BEAUTIFUL!

Kim said...

I love that dress! I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves - and got pics of it!

debrowns said...

Just wanted to tell you that you look great. Did you get a straightening iron? I can no longer survive without mine!