Sunday, July 08, 2007

We had a wonderful weekend, but like so many wonderful weekends I have no pictures to show of it! Nick went away with some guys for a golf/bachelor party shindig and us girls stayed at home. We did dinner with my aunt and her fam on Friday night during which we ate the most delicious shiskabobs ever! On Saturday we got up nice and early to go garage saleing, (which was really just code for a long walk). We met up with Ange and the twins and her parents. We only actually hit two garage sales but it was a nice walk. By the time we were done at about 11:00am it was too hot to function. We're gearing up for a week of really hot temperatures here so there wont be any outdoor fun after the early morning. We went back to Ange's parents house and the kids played in a little pool. One of the blow up baby ones. We had all four kids in there and it was quite the party. They were all super adorable splashing about and getting surprised when the water hit their faces. Uber cute. We hadn't brought any swim suits along so it was an all naturel pool party. I think the babes had fun and I know Isabella did, (cuz she told me a zillion times). Then we came home and tidied up a bit and made super and cupcakes to welcome Nick home. Isabella was a super mixer, I think she swirled the spoon around twice in the batter before she tried to lick it, and then stick it back in, and lick it again. I rented "Music with Lyrics" off of PPV and watched it twice while scrapbooking. I'm 6, yes count them 6, pages away from finishing my current album of Isabella. Prepare to be amazed, it's coming for your viewing pleasure.


Elizabeth said...

so excited to see your latest scrapbooking. That was a good movie, wasn't it?

Lamb said...

Congratulations about the scrapbook!!!!!
It is nice to have a weekend without the hubby sometimes and just do girl things isn't it.

Loved the shot in your last post. You seem to be carrying differently this time.

Hugs to everyone.

Susan and John

Tanneal said...

Can't wait to see that album!! Sounds like a VERY fun weekend =)