Sunday, April 01, 2007

Carrier Monkey?

We are all doing much better. Nick, Isabella and I have not puked or run to the Throne in over 60 hours! Yesterday we went to a wedding and I dropped Brooklyn off at a friends while I took Isabella to swimming lessons. The people who looked after Brooklyn are now dealing with the same sickness. Is she to blame??? I haven't heard from the folks who babysat during the wedding, but I hope they aren't all sick too. Brooklyn has yet to show any sort of sickness symptom. She has been sleeping a fair bit this week, but I assume that's because she's growing. As in VISIBLY growing this week. My little cherub is becoming my chubub.

*The T-shirt was not on purpose irony, but funny nonetheless!


Mom said...

She is growing to look so much like her sister!

I am glad you are all much better. I don't think you can blame such a little angel for such a horrible sickness!

Call me - I'll be home Monday evening, not Tuesday or Wednesday.

Jen said...

She's changing so much!

Marla said...

sounds like that little angel has super strength immunity!! good for her. hope the rest of the clan stays well!

Angela said...

Glad to hear you guys are feeling better- being sick is no fun! Especially not with little ones!

Tanneal said...

Cute, cute, CUTE!!! She's starting to get chubby cheeks even...ADORABLE!