Monday, April 02, 2007

The Wonderful World of Weddings

My cousin got married on Saturday, and these pictures are mostly for my mom who couldn't make it to the wedding. The wedding was very "them". If you click on the picture here you can see his facial hair and the essence of his hat. That's what I mean by "them". Sometimes I go to weddings and am so bored by how they are just like every other wedding I've ever been to, but not this one. The wedding was at a banguet center and the wedding and reception were in the same room. We sat on chairs on the dance floor during the ceremony and we could see all the tables set up for the reception. After the ceremony they had us file out into the foyer, through the receiving
line and back into the room. By the time we arrived back into the room our tables were in place with chairs around them and we were handed a shot and escorted to our table. It was neat. During the ceremony the rings were passed around in a little bag. Everyone held them for a second and said a silent prayer or blessing over them before passing them on. Neither the father of the groom or the father of the bride were in attendance and so the Mother of the Groom gave the groom away and the Mother of the Bride gave the bride away. Our family is huge into hockey, and so in true family fashion the bridal party entered the reception

wearing hockey jerseys to the music of Hockey Night in Canada
and introduced like a starting line up. This banquet center in particular is known for their Crepe Suzette dessert. All the lights were turned off and three Maitre de's did an extensive light show. The liquid actually burns blue once they get going and they did things like pour it down a sword and walk in a circle while pouring it from one pan to another. It was very, very cool. Each table was served their meal and it was 6 courses! We got appetizers & drinks, salad, a pasta course, a roast beef course, a chicken course and then the crepe suzette. The bartender would even bring your drink right to the table, I was just getting the free Coke so I went up to the bar each time for it, I needed to stretch and get ready for the next course! This cake was done by my aunt and it's really cute. She

even personalized the licence plates. Unfortunately we had to leave before i

t was cut as the MC never really got the night rolling. There was one thing then a looooooooooooooong stretch and then another. We stayed just until the first dance and it was 11:00pm. There hadn't been any cake cutting, the night lunch, other dances or boquet or garter tossing.

I think we have one more wedding to attend in July which I'm looking forward to. This wedding made me realize that I miss working at Travelodge in the Banquet Department where I went to at least a wedding a weekend! A happy thing this wedding reminded me though- winter is really over! Bring on Wedding Season.


Jill said...

Wedding season is so much fun. A romantic setting and a meal I didn't have to cook. I love it!

Tanneal said...

Looks very unique to say the least! I'm sure they'll remember it forever...and have fun sharing the memories with their kids one day!

Mpm said...

Thank you Amanda for the narrative - I've been to Uncle Jeff's online album and seen some of those pictures but didn't get the fact that "Hockey Night in Canada" played as they entered - that is so cool. Poppy told me how much fun the whole thing was and now I understand better. I hope you had fun too.

Mom said...

You probably got that I can't type - that last comment was from me!