Wednesday, April 04, 2007


It's that time of year again, sorta. I've never dreaded tax time for two reasons; one-I pay someone else to do my taxes, two-I've only ever gotten a rebate. I enjoy tax time actually. For the last four years we've done up our taxes and decided on one luxury,(usually clothing to replace pieces we've worn straight through), we would purchase. Then the rest of the money goes into our savings account and is the beginning of our budget for the next move. This year is not a usual year because- WE'RE NOT MOVING. Which in itself feels very, very good to say.

In the summer time I was very stressed about money and I shared a lot of that on this blog because it was what was real in my life at that time. I figure it's only fair to balance out the bad with the good and I am so happy to share some of the blessings of this years tax season.

Yesterday I paid in full the remaining balance on our leather living room set. That means we officially completely own everything in our house! We are not the kind of people to pay for 'things' on credit, and even though it was just one purchase, it was enough to leave us feeling uneasy every month. Now it's gone.

A lot of people wished me a year of blessings around the New Year and I just wanted to take a second and share one.


Jen said...

Doesn't that feel great! Good for you guys.

I love tax time too because we always get a rebate. It's so nice to get a big chunk of unexpected cash.

Angella said...

Yay for refunds! And yay for blessings! You guys were due for some :)

Elizabeth said...

That's awesome!! So glad that you have another reason to be thankful.

Tanneal said...

Doesn't it feel SO GOOD to pay something off like that?? I'm glad you are feeling better about your finances!

Mom said...

ALRIGHT!!!!!! (Think Snow White here) "I owe, I owe, it's off to work I go!" can now be sung by one less dwarf!

It is good to hear about the blessings God bestows every day but we only recognize when the bad doesn't overshadow them!