Friday, March 30, 2007

Blowing Through

What a few days we have had. They have held far too much for me to be up at 2:30am writing about them, but alast here I am waiting for a load of laundry we are in desperate need of to be done.
It all started Wednesday afternoon for me. All of a sudden I found myself running to the bathroom every few minutes. I am not a fan of frequent visits to the Throne and this put me in a bad mood. Determined not to let it ruin my day I proceeded with my tasks. At 6:00 I put one of my favorite suppers on. I pulled out the delicious pork chops only to be overwhelmed by the smell and thus I began spewing from both ends rather too consistently for my liking. I called Nick at work and requested he pick up Ginger Ale and other sickness necessities and warily he agreed without asking any questions. Nick arrived home at 11:00 and by 11:30 had joined me in spewing from both ends. One thing I learned, Nick is not a quiet puker. We were awoken at 7:00am by Isabella's horrified cries as she had just thrown up all over herself.
By Belle's afternoon nap she seemed to be doing much better. Still no appetite but it had been a couple of hours since she had spewed or pooped through layer upon layer of clothing. Good, good. Nick and I continued in our complete state of messiness all that day. Luckily God was looking after us as at one point in the afternoon we both passed out for about 5 minutes. Isabella had been watching tv inches from us. She decided that since both of us were sleeping this was her perfect opportunity to learn to get out the back patio door. Escape, she did. Thankfully the man out back playing with his son politely returned her to our home seconds later and his voice awoke us and we have not both fallen asleep since.
Nick and I stopped spewing at about 9:00ish on Thursday night. Isabella just had her second bout of throwing up this evening after a fully fine day. Was it the flu? I'm not sure as Brooklyn is 110% fine. Perhaps food poisioning? The power was out here for about 3-4 hours on Monday and although I didn't open the fridge even once while we were powerless it's possible??? I'm not sure what caused it but I hope it never happens again!


motherinlaw said...

Do you guys do everything together??? I like that Belle: taking every opportunity to explore. Your hearts must have been in your throats when your neighbour woke you. Nick was an escape artist too. Wait till she starts climing everything. Hope you guys are feeling much better. Maybe you should soundproof the bathrooms. lol

Jen said...

Aw. That sucks. It does sound like food poisioning. I've had it twice from restaurants and it's really crappy. (pun intended ;) )

Mom said...

OOHHHH, you poor things! I am so glad you are much better. I suppose food poisoning is a real possibility so make sure you are rid of everything you ate within about 12 hours of getting sick that may have been bad - mayo, meats, eggs, etc.

I'll call Sunday - so check for my message!

Love you all.

Amanda said...

That sounds beyond terrible.
I am glad Belle didn't get too far!

karen said...

Talk about needing to do laundry!

Hope you guys are feeling better soon -- like Jen said, that's really crappy!