Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It's been a while.....

It has been far too many days since I last wrote a blog post. I really don't mean for that to happen, but life has gotten so full lately. I have about a billion ideas for posts and none of them are getting written. And they still wont because I have two Creative Memories Get Togethers this weekend and we got the ok to put a workshop in our garage so we're working on that. One day I'll have time to write the posts in my mind, but for now here are some pictures of our world.
These first two are Isabella and I decorating EasterEggs. There are a lot more picture of it, but Nick didn't think to warn me about the cleavage. (Which as he pointed out later, why would he warn me about it, it's just fine with him.) The eggs didn't work out the way I really wanted, but Belle had a great time. She counted while the eggs were in the dye, 1-2-3-7-8-9! I know that each year the eggs will get more and more grown up and I'll actually get nostalgic about these ones!
Then a few of Brooklyn's cuteness. I was noticing that I have less pictures of Brooklyn then I had of Belle. Not because I take less but because Brooklyn is doing everything so much faster. It took her two hours to learn to roll over, not two weeks. Isabella was making her first moves to crawling at 8 months, Brooklyn already gets up on all fours and then launches herself forward. It's a bit crazy how quickly she's growing up, if only I could slow it down just a touch.
Brooklyn also thoroughly enjoys her bath now. It's a part of our night time routine and both girls very early knew the word "bath" before they could talk. Brooklyn starts to get fussy in the early evening and all she wants is bath time. Then she's good to go for a while longer. We've never had a baby bath, just one of those wire things with the fabric stretched over it, but we picked up one of those bath rings and Brooklyn is really enjoying it and Belle loves that the water now comes up over her thighs!
The first home game of the Jays season was on Monday night. The guys tried to get tickets, but it was totally sold out. So we got some of us together for dinner and the game. When the game started Isabella got so excited, like most children get on a sugar high. She was cheering and dancing to the National anthem. She sort of followed the game and when all of us were cheering for a run scored or a good play Isabella would shout out a hearty, "Touchdown!". Yeah we've got to work on helping her sort out her sports. This is our buddy Ryan, or should I say Isabella's buddy Ryan.


Angella said...

Wow! Brooklyn will be crawling in no time!!

Jen said...

The girls are growing too fast!

Tanneal said...

Awww! Brooklyn IS looking more grown up!! It's amazing how quickly it happens when they are so small to just a few months old.

The girls are just adorable...I love Nick's excuse about the cleavege thing. It sounds like something John would come up with (except I haven't actually been blessed with ANY cleavege to speak of so I'm just guessing that that's what he'd say!)

Anyhoo, I hope all is well with your CM stuff. I still haven't gotten any time to work on Gid's album=( I can hardly wait to feel that great feeling of being done it!