Monday, March 26, 2007

Like Leaves

This will be a post of tidbits, sort of like leaves in the fall all floating around not really joined to each other but all of the same thing.

-This week Isabella has learned to say 'I love you". She says it to Nick before he leaves for work and to our company when she has to go to bed. When we were leaving the church on Saturday she was grumpy and it was raining. So I said to her, 'Say hi to the rain drops.' Isabella replied, 'Hello drops, I love you.'. So cute.

-Brooklyn is now rolling all over the place, blowing raspberries like crazy, eating cereal three times a day and talking a lot. She is almost sitting by herself, (she starts to rock as soon as she's on her bum and the momentum pulls her down face first. If she stopped rocking she'd be fine!). She also started pulling her knees up under her this week and pushing up on her arms, I can't believe we're already on the first stages toward crawling. Where have the last 5 and a half months gone?

-We had a crazy go, go, go weekend this past one and this morning our power shut off. I looked at my clock at 8am but fell asleep knowing my alarm clock was set for 8:30. At 10:30 the girls started to wake up and that's when I realized there was no power. We all slept sooooooo long! Except Nick who had to be at work for 7:00. He still needs a break.

-I had a positive Scrapbooking Birthday Party on Saturday. All the girls said they had fun and the parents were happy and impressed with my work. I had a blast showing the girls how to use the tools and it ended up really great. I'll post my "demo" later this week. Speaking of scrapbooking, I'm just putting together an email of opportunities to scrapbook in your pyjamas. (All the things you can do online and in your own home.) Just email me and I'll let you in on the exciting opportunities!

-We do have to drain the fish tank. What we'll be doing is putting the water we have going in a slightly smaller tank. Then the tank we have going will get fixed up and we will transfer the fish into the original tank. We could leave everything in the interim tank, but it wont fill out the window as well, the bigger one is just more ascetically pleasing. We're still on track to have fish in there soon, but soon is about mid-April.

-Isabella is doing a great job potty training! We were at Ikea and she asked to use the toilet twice, and she did! Those big scray public toilets. She did the same thing at Church on Sunday morning and she has gone two days in a row of wearing just pants from when she gets up in the morning until mid-afternoon. Then she either goes down for a nap or asks for a Pull Up. Then she takes a dump. I can't wait until I don't have to clean up poop.

-Okay that's about it I have to go catch up from my crazy weekend!


Jen said...

Wow! A lot going on. Brooklyn sounds like she mastering all the moves and wtg Belle on the potty training!!

Oh, and please, PLEASE tell me how you get your children to sleep in until 10:30!!!

Angela said...

You are one busy lady but sounds like fun- it's neat to see the changes in your girls as they grow up so fast it seems! I know I'm a long way from you but I love scrapbooking so I'm always open to new ideas to add to pages!

Tanneal said...

Yay Belle and Brooklyn!! They are growing up so fast hey??! Sometimes I wish time would slow down or stand still...other times bedtime can't come fast enough!!

I love that picture...she is totally gorgeous!

Also, could you please sign me up for your e-mail scrapbooking thingy...thank ya=)