Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Real Moms

I was tagged by Karen to do this Real Moms post. I read around at other entries and I know I could relate to all of them, here's my two cents.

Real moms run the dishwasher and "unload" it by using the clean dishes and piling them on the counter until the dishwasher is empty and there's a pile of dishes that need to go in it. Real moms understand that pictures like this are worth a thousand words. A thousand cute words. And no matter if they use all thousand to describe it, no one else will completely understand.
Real moms have watched Disney movies from beginning to end so many times they can quote them. But this is the only scene they remember from 95% of the grown up movies they sat down to fall asleep during, I mean watch.

I tag Tanneal and Tara .


Tanneal said...

Tagged?? Me?? I haven't been tagged for so long...this one looks fun, but I'll have to think about it for awhile and will post it after Cyndi's visit=)

Mom said...

Thank God for dishwashers - that pile has somewhere to go without too much work now!! I think you've hit two of the things about Moms right on the head - but I sure would like to see a few of the thousand words about that picture. I imagine that Belle was giving Tigg a bath but I'd love to hear your story!

My babies are growing waaaayyyy too fast!!! I miss you all! xoxoxoxo

karen said...

Haha! We hardly EVER have a clear counter. ever.

And I watch either Nemo, Cars or Mermaid EVERY day, and can recite most of them, though there are lots of parts that I've never SEEN.

Tara said...

Thanks for tagging me Amanda. I had fun. And I completely agree with you on your three! By the way, if you are ever in Tisdale you can throw a creative memories party at my house :)