Wednesday, March 07, 2007

What's Going On?

I'm not sure why this week feels so insane. I am not doing anything out of the ordinary, in fact there's actually less to do because of "extreme" cold here there have been 4 snow days and when the kids don't go to school pretty much everything else shuts down as well. I've been decluttering and cleaning so we can have a house full of people for Belle's birthday, (which will probably just be a couple couples), and trying to take care of all those odds and ends that build up in life so I can focus on getting my CM business off the ground. I am taking on a few totally new projects though. None of them are all that hard but the way one is inundated with information at the beginning of any new venture is crazy. We're learning about fresh water fish, (there are going to be sharks in Isabella's tank within a few months of it being up and running!), and I'm planning a scrapbooking birthday party for next Saturday as well as my first Get Together that day as well! Busy times. Nick and I also stepped out and asked to join the leadership of the Young Married's ministry at our church which we'll be joining in a few weeks and the rest of life is just busy! Don't get me wrong I like it, but it causes some conflict. I really have been feeling God calling me to more dedicated alone time with Him and that is so hard to do in the face of so much stuff! Discipline is a hard thing to learn when you're 2 and when you're 26! I am so very tired of winter, and looking forward to summer. I know summer wont be any slower, in fact all that "free time" seems to make us busier than ever! I guess that's just the pace of life and I better get running!


Jen said...

Sounds busy indeed but if that's where you feel called then go ahead and do it!

I can't wait for summer either ... how many more days?

Tanneal said...

It is amazing how busy life gets...I can't imagine how I even lived with all the free time I had pre-babies!

And I'll second the motion to BRING ON THE SUMMER! We're starting to feel the cabin fever and can't wait to get outside with the kids=)

Mom said...

I agree! Summer cannot get here fast enough!!!! We have been snowed in about 1/2 the days of the past two weeks and last night we drove to the city even though we shouldn't have with the blowing snow and then the warm air moved in and it got so foggy you couldn't see anything in the dark! But that really is good news - the fog was caused by WARM air. WOOHOO!!! Spring must be moving in! It should get to you soon!

Have fun with all you are doing! I see you are multi-tasking - two in the bath at one time - good idea! Remember you can always step back from one thing or another when you feel too overwhelmed - or even ask someone to help you out with the girls. The only things you mustn't neglect are God, yourself and your family, in that order; that even means time away from the family if necessary as it is better for them for you to be refreshed. Oh, oooh, I feel a sermon coming on - so I'll scoot.

Take care. I love you.

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like you are going to have lots of things to keep you going. Have fun!!