Saturday, March 17, 2007

Be Gentle

Today was a very humbling day for me. I had my first Creative Memories Get Together. I totally bombed. I watched the little presentation that they want you to do and it's so not me. But it's a tried and true program so I better give it a try, right? I got about to minutes in and felt so fake, so unpassionate, so unenthusiastic. That's when it started to go downhill and it never recovered. I did manage to break even so I guess that's the positive part. At least now I have confirmed that I can't do things that aren't me. One part went really good. When talking about the Storybooks I did well. I flowed, I had passion. I also had the actual Storybook in my hand and flipped pages while I was talking. I think that's the key. So I've got an idea in my head of how to revamp it and ofcourse I'll give it another go. I have two more Get Togethers scheduled in April and if both of those ones bomb I guess I'll be throwing in my hat. But I wont give up without trying and here's crossing my fingers I'll succeed.


Amanda said...

Aw, Amanda, I'm sure you're your worst critic. It will take time to find what works for you, and a presentation you feel comfortable with, but don't give up!

Angella said...

Ditto to Amanda! It was your first try! You'll be a pro in no time :)

Tanneal said...

I hope your next ones find you feeling much more comfortable! I was looking on your site and found those story books and downloaded the free software to make them! How cool! I have yet to have the time to really have a go at making one, but am planning on it soon=)