Monday, November 19, 2007

A Little Envious

I don't know if you can see in this picture very well, but there are about fifteen little brand new baby fish swimming in front of that large rock. They are the second set of babies to be born into our tank.

And I'm a little envious. We have no idea which adult fish gave birth to them. We have no idea when they arrived really. One day while watching the adult fish attack their dinner I said 'uh honey, is the food supposed to move like that?'. To which Nick replied, 'that's not food, it's fish.'

Now it's true I don't know what the life of a fish is like, but here are the things I imagine the pregnant fish never experienced:

inability to sleep
pain caused by sciatica
that icky feeling when you notice your shirt is not covering the bottom of your belly
the anxiety of waiting for nature to take it's course and kick that baby outta there

Do we see a trend here? I'm not due until Monday and I'm sure someone could win some money betting on how 'overdue' I'll be. Seriously though, stick a fork in me cuz I'm done!

I absolultely cannot wait for our new baby to join our family, and even though there's still 6 to 18 days to go, I'm ready for it any minute now!


Bloggy Mama said...

yeah, I'd never really thought of that. Most animals have it pretty easy, don't they? Good luck!!! Thinking good labour thoughts.

Lamb said...

I gotcha.

Too bad Nick couldn't finish the pregnancy for you. lol Just don't hurt him during deliivery.

Hugs to all