Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Anatomy of Grey

I have totally gone over to the dark side and must now confess to being a Grey's Anatomy fan. We have bible study on Thursday nights during the time GA airs, but we tape it. Then instead of going to bed at a reasonable hour we blow our discipline out the window and stay up late on Thursdays watching that night's episode.

While I was convicted for about a minute about the fact that I was actually cheering for George's marriage to end so he and Izzy could get together, I quickly got over it. I mean, they're fictional characters, no one is really getting hurt, that justifies it, right!?!

This week I was struck by one exchange that got me thinking. When Izzy comes down to talk to George and claims she isn't 'hardcore', using Christina as her 'hardcore' example. If you didn't watch the episode, I can't explain the whole exchange, you'll have to download it and watch it. I was just really struck, (I already used that word but I suffer from pg brain), by what she did and how in fact I would define her as 'hardcore'.

I got to thinking about the women I compare myself too, the 'hardcore's' of the SAHM world. Am I enough Martha Stewart? Enough June Cleaver? Enough health-conscious-environment-friendly-creative-mind-building-body-challenging super woman?

And then a better question hit me, do I even want to be?

The thing for Izzy was defining what 'hardcore' was for her. I would put it in the words of saying she that she's 'hardcore' heart, what do I desire to be 'hardcore' at and am i? Do you know what you want to be 'hardcore' at and are you?

It's kinda like that tombstone question, what would you hope others will inscribe on your tombstone after you've passed away? What do you want your legacy to be? When your children are making scrapbook pages of days with you, what do they write, what moments are important? Are you 'hardcore' you?

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Bloggy Mama said...

It's cool that a question like that can challenge you in that way. I have been doing a lot of reflection lately, looking to let go of some of my need to be in charge of my life and to let Him be. I'll ponder your question, too. Thanks, Amanda.