Monday, November 05, 2007

A Hardcore Quirk

Today I did my shopping/cooking for the month. I decided this month not to stick to the 'Once A Month' cooking plan but rather do up our favorites in a planned way and cook ahead everything I can. Tonight I made several entrees but had to leave the lasagna for tomorrow. Water retention is a wonderful thing.

After doing all the cooking I then had to organize my freezer so everything would fit. And what's the fun of organizing the top of the fridge freezer only? I then moved on to the deep freeze. Some deep freezes do become catch-alls, but not ours as it is housing a zillion burgers/sausages/hotdogs left over from some church events this summer. Should anyone want to BBQ in the middle of the winter- we're your hook up.

Upon completing my organizing I then had to write the menu. No simple date and meal in the square, not for this overly organized fool. I also had to write if I had already made it or if I would have to buy anything for it, you get the idea. I did stop short of color coding everything.

Upon this fascinating night of organization I began to realize that I am a hardcore organizer. And in a totally quirky way. For example, I don't like loose change, in the LOOSE CHANGE JAR. And I don't like cluttered junk, in the JUNK DRAWER!

I like to be organized and it's true that my lack of blog posts is because I've been on an organizational bonanza around here. It's taking a long time to get the house back in order since the implosion of "Sciatica Attacks Week", but it's also good to tap into who I really am and do the job the way I want it to be done.


Bloggy Mama said...

whew, nesting much?
Take some time to put your feet up, lady.

Kim said...

You are your mother's daughter! Now all you have to do is teach the kids, while they are young, that YOUR organizing way is THE organizing way and maybe when they come home from school they will put all their stuff where it belongs!! ;) It is so nice when you can go get something and not have to search forever!!!!

Don't work too hard!

Love you

Angela said...

Sounds like your organization/productivity is going a bit better than mine! Way to go! But i agree, shouldn't every junk drawer be an organized mess rather than just a messy junk drawer?

Will said...

What? You organize...I don't believe it one bit hehe.