Thursday, October 04, 2007

How Spineless can you Be?

A while ago there was this anonymous blogger who used to leave comments on my blog of a very nasty variety. I tried to politely ignore said person and go about my way. I then decided I had had enough and blocked anonymous comments on my blog.

It turns out I am some kind of special and Anonymous could not leave me alone. In fact this person felt the need to hide behind a fake identity and leave another dispicable comment on my blog:

"Been a while, but I am thrilled to see that the thing you call belle is as ugly as I expected. You may want to apply to have her name changed to MUTT and while you're at it call the other one JEFF. I can only hope that your third creature is male, then it may have a fighting chance of making something of his life instead of the miserable poverty and deprivation the other 2 things are going to have.Do the world a favor and get yourself fixed thus bringing no more misery and ugliness into this world."
I am baffled as to why my blog calls this kind of attention. I am baffled while others dealing with surprise pregnancies, loss of employment, sudden changes in life, etc etc get all kinds of kind prayers and comments and I get this?! And I don't even get the respect of knowing who wrote this crap, they have to hide behind an anonymous nom de plume. It's just about enough to end this blog train I tell ya. Quite enough.


Lindsay said...

I'm supremly sorry to hear that this person is still being quite a dink *for lack of a better word.

I'm not sure if I've said it in the past or if I've just thought about saying, but I have always found your blog posts to be honest and very encouraging to me. I really look up to you for the courage you have in being real and not fake with the world. Please don't let this one person ruin something that is so wonderful. Plus, I want to keep peeking in on your cute babies. Please have a good Thanksgiving weekend, and know that I don't think that way, and I'm sure others don't either!!!

Jen said...

Oh my! Terribly rude. Hang in there and keep blogging for those of us who love to tune in and read about your life and your adorable little family.

Tanneal said...

Oh my goodness...I am speechless!! For someone to insult you as an adult is one thing, but to say things about your children (I can well imagine your inner momma-bear rage!!)

I guess that's why I made the decision to make my blog by sign in only. I feel totally safe and free to share about my kids and us, and I know exactly who has access and that those are the people that know and love us!!

Sorry I haven't checked in for has gotten BUSY! I'm also sad that I had to see another nasty comment made about your beautiful family! I hope you are able to make a decision about what to do that settles this...cause I just don't think it's right for this person to have that kind of control!!

Thinking of you...T =)

(p.s. how are you feeling by the way? You are due soon right? I guess I should look back aways in your blog and I might get to see some more prego progress reports =)

karen said...

That is seriously crazy.

Don't let this idiot stop you from blogging. I have always really appreciated your honesty, Amanda. And your sincerity.

Maybe the sign in thing is the way to go, I can imagine you can only take so much. Who could take that kind of thing though?

Tara said...

Oh Amanda... I really can't believe the nasty commenter is back. That just sucks.

I am praying for you. I understand surprise third pregnancies. I understand job stress and life change. You are doing just fine and your children are BEAUTIFUL!

I also understand the desire to quit blogging... as you know I've had a rough couple weeks over my blog too. But we can stand together in bloggerland and ignore the jerks in this world.

Again, I'm so sorry there is such a cruel and heartless person out there. Block her/his fake name too. Isn't there some higher blog authority you can complain to?

Jude said...

I will delurk on your blog and say, I think it is wonderful what you write here. It is honest and true and makes the rest of us feel we are not alone. Only a shameless, spineless person with no self worth writes 'junk' like that. And are so not worth your time.

Elizabeth said...

Bizarre. That (negativeness) is not what blogging is about. I'm saddened that you are the one recieving this feedback, Amanda. Thank you for being strong despite the challenges you have faced. I'm thinking of you and always praying for you.

Moose said...

Wow, I'm just now stumbling on your blog and I'm sorry this happened to you. I'd probably go private myself, but if you don't want to shut your blog down to the public, you could set your comments to approval and then ignore the person's comments completely. In some weird way, I think they like the attention. It's like a crank caller -- if you just keep calmly hanging up without yelling at them they eventually get bored and move on.


kelle said...

Oh Amanda! I'm disgusted that someone would write a comment like that! Your children couldn't be any cuter!!! I always find your posts to be very honest and encouraging! Keep it up!! Don't let one person ruin things...I love your blog!!!

lilene said...

Amanda, I read your blog all the time and rarely comment but this deserves a comment. DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS IDIOT! They do not have the right to speak anything into your life without knowing you or admitting who they are. You are an amazing woman and your children are precious. Your blog is such an open and honest account of your life and that is what makes it so powerful, you share who you are and what God does in that. Keep blogging, keep following God and keep living your life. You are amazing.

wandi said...

Don't give up blogging Amanda. This person is obviously a coward. I have had people leave negative comments on my blog and they have not revealed their identity. I say coward. Don't listen to them. You are fantastic, your babies are beautiful and you have a great family. Just remember that they are a beautiful gift from God. Keep on blogging girl. Many of us love it.

Lamb said...

It really is very sad for anon or whoever they are calling themselves now. Too bad they do not have a life.

You, Amanda, however have a very rich and full life with a loving and beautiful family. You have a terrific husband who loves you very much and two totally beautiful daughters. You have a supportive network of friends and family.

I admire your total honesty in your posts. That is what makes you special.

Keep on keeping on.

We love you.

God bless
John 14:27

Debbie said...

That is crazy that someone would leave such nasty comments on your blog. I will keep you in my prayers and don't allow this one individual to discourage you.

Blessings to you!

Kim said...

Oh, Amanda! I cannot believe someone has so little to do in life that they have to read the blog of someone they don't even want to acknowledge ever having known and clearly have no desire to really know! Those of us who love you know that you are beautiful through and through and don't give two hoots what this anonymous idiot says. And, I may be biased, but many have agreed with me, you have two of the most beautiful babies in the world!

If you want to go private, I say do it. You know who you want to continue reading your blog. But consider that you may be the blessing numerous others who don't know you need - they may gather strength to go on just reading your honesty about how tough life sometimes is and yet you go on and find wonderful things that give you pleasure.

I don't know enough about these things to know if there is another way to stop the nastiness, but I will pray that Ms. McNasty discovers that she doesn't have to cut others down to build herself up - it really just leaves her looking all that much worse to herself and everyone who knows her. You, Ms. McNasty need to get a life!

Love you all tons!

Amanda Brown said...

I think some privacy might do you good and help you enjoy the positive side of blogging. Just let me know what the sign in info is! :)

The Hansens said...

Amanda, that's so intrusive and awful. I'm sorry about this situation. I've also had some moments of second-guessing my blogging due to difficult feedback (though nothing as difficult as yours) and I've come to the conclusion that if I'm going to put my life and my thoughts 'out there' they are going to be scrutinized. It's safer and easier to keep it to myself, but there are some things I prefer to say and to show. I LOVE what you say and what you show on your blog. It's your life and it's amazing and it's wonderful to see. That being said, if this anon jerk-off steals things from you that you don't want to continue to have stolen (like your joy or peace or confidence), then I wouldn't blame you for going private. However you do that- I don't even know enough about blogs to know how that's done...but I'm sure it's easy enough to do...I'm guessin' here. Anyway, hang in there!

dags said...

i don't understand why this person feels that they have to do that either. but i'd say that something good has come of can see all the people who support you and love you, and all these comments sure beat the drivel that person puts on here. i'd say switch it to have comments approved by you and just garbage the comments from "anonymous".

mrcds said...

I have blog therefore I am not "anonymous". Not to be mean but have you ever considered that I may be someone you know just trying to point you in a different direction. If I didn't care then I wouldn't comment. You do know me and I just can't face you and share the things I feel.

I want to see kids brought into this world given every opportunity to be a success and you are just not making that happen. From everything we have talked about and everything you have proven with the last 2 you are once again stting kid number 3 up to be a life failure. Do us all a favour and quit procreating as you are only giving this world losers that we don't want.

Love may make the world go round but it sure doesn't make happy kids. Nor does it make popular kids. Nor does it promise a life of happiness.

From what I read I predict that you will have a family of loser kids who wish they had been born into more "fortunate" families. They will feel that the world owes them everything that their parents could not, and will end up being a drain on society, the welfare system, and all taxpayers. If all of your "friends" disagree with this then they are not your true friends. If you had only had one child then IT may have had a chance and the rest of us would not have had to pay for its demise.

Since the future is so predictable then I feel I have the right to comment because why should I and the rest of the taxpayers have to pay for your fuck-ups.

You yourself said that this last pregnancy whas a mistake so why didn't you deal with it like the normal people in this world?

You are a Fuck Up and your kids are destined to life as Losers. Hope you are happy with yourself!!!

Tara said...

DON'T LISTEN to the unbelievably rude angry person above... you are a beautiful, wonderful, gifted woman of God. God alone has BLESSED you with your babies and you are a GOOD mom and the person above should just keep their UNWANTED opinions to themselves. You are loved Amanda.

Lamb said...

How do we report this loser!!!!!

I am sick and tired of this persons attacks. What a coward!!!!!!

They need to stand up and let us know who they are!!!!!!

And if they actually know you that is even worse.

Amanda, you don't have to put up with this.


Angela said...

I can't believe someone would actually leave comments like that- you are a beautiful woman with a heart for God and you have beautiful little girls! Keep blogging- I love reading your thoughts!

youth pastor said...

sorry Amanda, I could not help myself. Since I couldn't address mrcds personally, I thought I'd use your blog. Sorry, but keep bloggin' and be light in this person's dark place!
Now for mrcds - you almost sound jealous! For the life of me, I cannot figure out why this should be such a concern for you unless motivated by jealousy (or satan for that matter). Each life is a gift from God and has such awesome potential to impact the world. Good thing we didn't get rid of the other underpreviledged "losers" such as Abraham Lincoln or a Martin Luther King, or a Mark Twain, or perhaps a Ghandi, or maybe even a Moses, and oh yes and even a John the Baptist or even Jesus. Since when does a station in life have to dictate the size of ones life or ones happiness? From your comments, I question not only the size of your life but your happiness. One cannot spew that kind of venom without some serious hurt going on inside. When you hit the wall (and you will) you'd do well to have a good friend like Amanda to speak to.