Saturday, October 13, 2007


On Friday Brooklyn turned one and I have been trying to get technologically creative to put something awesome together to document her first year of life. I may still get the hang of it, but my talents lie more with actual paper and actual photos, so I'm afraid I would have had to have started her birthday slideshow the day she was born in order for it to be done. While not technologically advanced, I wanted to document something for her first birthday and we do have some really cute pictures of her party. My mommy brain seriously kicked in though and I didn't get a good shot of her eating her cake, (which she devoured in miliseconds), or of the cake itself before we cut into it. But it was another 3D bear, in keeping with family tradition.

Brooklyn has really startled me over the last month. It seemed that she thought Isabella was the best reality show ever and could watch her every minute of every day not needing to do anything to compete. In the last 30 days she has learned the actions to a few songs we regularly sing, learned to blow whistles, get to standing from sitting on the floor, initiate playing peek-a-boo, she laughs so heartily and this afternoon she even took her first steps! It's amazing to me how much she has learned in such a short span of time, not only over the last year but even in just the past few weeks. I worry so much about her missing out on being 'babyed' since the new baby will be so close in age to her, but time and time again she has proven her strength- both physical and mental. I know she'll shine in a middle sibling role.

For her birthday we went to Andrews Scenic Acres with some friends. When we made the plans it was significantly warmer than when we went, but our friends stuck it out with us and I think had a pleasant time. Then we came back to our house for pizza and cake, some hanging out and once the kids were in bed the girls managed to kick butt at some Wii.

Thanks so everyone who came out for the party. Even though it was cold, and it's hard to keep little ones entertained in the evening. Thanks to everyone for giving of your time to come hang out and celebrate Brooklyn, we greatly appreciate it.


Bloggy Mama said...

YAY!! So glad that you had a great party. I love the pumpkin pictures. I'll have mine up soon, too!

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday!
I'm glad that you had such a great time. I wish that I had a pumpkin patch by me, I would love to take my students.

looked like fun anyways!

Lamb said...

Hey Amanda,

Great pix!!!!

It looks as if you and Nick were having as much fun as the kids.

Hugs to you all.


Angella said...

I can't believe she's ONE! Or that Emily's one :)

Great post and photos, Amanda :)

Kim said...

Wow! Looks like a great time was had by ALL!!

Gramma has fallen back into her particularly natural state of being late for everything! Brooklyn's birthday gift will be in the mail tomorrow - she'll get to rip that paper off one more time! Happy Birthday, Brooklyn!

She really is moving along quickly in the growing up area! I can't wait to see her and Belle - I just wish it were to be sooner.

Love you all!


karen said...

Happy Birthday Brooklyn -- a year already?!

Angela said...

Looks like a great day! Hard to believe she's 1 already- time flies!