Friday, November 24, 2006

Working 1-5.

AM that is. Brooklyn has begun a disturbing trend of waking up to eat at about 1:00 am and she'll fall in an out of sleep for the next two hours when she'll want to eat again at 3:00am. It means getting up out of bed constantly to calm her or at least try and keep her from crying loud enough to wake up Isabella. We have not been successful at that, so we've given up and now cuddle on the couch with her during those two hours. But the real fun starts after she eats at 3:00. She just starts screaming. For no apparent reason. She's eaten her full, given us some good burps. We change her diaper, we hold her close, or we lay her on our lap if that seems to be her preference. She just screams for anywhere from 1-3 hours! We are exhausted. Hence the lack of posting. That and my NEED for organization has kicked in and I'm working on my recipe blog. Now all the recipes are categorized and if you click on the category at the bottom it links you to all the recipes in that category. Very cool!

Hopefully this trend stops soon and we can get some zzzz's. We're going nuts!


Angella said...

Yikes! I hope her phase doesn't last much longer!!

Jen said...


Elizabeth said...

yayyyy.. someone's in the kitchen!

T said...

Oh, you poor thing! I am so not looking forward to those 'disturbing' trends that seems to happen for no apparent reason. I hope you two DO get some real good sleep, real soon!

Samantha said...

Wishing you lots of luck - I know all about the zombie-like state, and mine is only because of textbooks!
Hopefully you catch some much needed ZZZZs soon!!

motherinlaw said...

Amanda, I remember those long nights when Andrew did not want to settle down. He was hyperactive but that started as soon as we were home so that can't be it. Could it possible be that Brooklyn might need just a little bit of something solid in her little stomach. We started Andrew with a little of watery pablum very early even if the doc said he souldn't have it and he seemed satisfied. It wasn't much, just a little. This is just an idea. In the meantime cherish the time with your little one cuddling even if you are exhausted. There will come a time when she won't want those hugs when she is a teenager. And believe me that comes a lot quicker than you think it will.
Love you all. God bless.