Monday, November 06, 2006

Friggin' Fievel

Sometimes life sucks. Now I'm talking life with a small 'l'. The little events that if they happen in small doses are easy to shrug off, but when you have days upon days of said events life really starts to suck.

We had just such a weekend. It was a busy one seeing as this was Nick's saturday off and therefore one of the two days a month I have a husband for a full 24 hours that I don't have to share. So I planned it to the full. Family pictures, changing our licences over and going out to purchase a deep freeze. A small to-do list but each event would take time. I told Nick of our plans on Tuesday and then proceeded to plan an afternoon for myself for Sunday, a day I desperately needed.

Now Nick needed a hair cut, and I demanded he get it done before we have our pictures taken. Nick waited until Friday evening to try and find a place to cut his hair. I should have known right then that the weekend would be a bust. And a bust it was. No deep freeze, no family pictures, no time for myself, I couldn't even change over my licence because I apparently needed my marriage certificate to prove that I'm the same person I was when I was born. It all sucked big time. At 5:00 on Sunday I just wanted to go to bed.

But we have a standing date on Sunday nights with our pals to watch Amazing Race and this week they could hang around to also view Click, (which I would highly recommend). At some point in the Amazing Race Nick, Ange and Rory all exchanged a look. This look said "Did I just see what I thought I saw?". I, however, missed seeing it. We went about our evening. We threw in Click to end our weekend on a high note.

That high note was me screaming, because that's when I saw the mouse.

Okay, okay I didn't actually scream, but I hate mice. Rory was charged up by the sight of a mouse and proceeded to call for a flashlight and stick. He then chased said mouse all over our house until he caught it and released it outside. So now the mouse is gone. Problem solved.

Except I'm not that naive. I know that where there is one mouse, there is a mother mouse and a father mouse, and a cute little sister mouse that sings and evil mice too. Friggin Fievel.

I am sufficiently creeped out. And it's not that I am even afraid of mice, it's just that the pop out of nowhere with no warning and then they skitter around. It makes my skin crawl. I wonder if I'll ever feel comfortable in my house again.

Maybe I can contract Rory to come live at my house and chase mice all day.


Jen said...

Sorry your weekend was so crappy and ended with a rodent. sick. We had a mouse in our apartment when I was pregnant with Abby. I wouldn't be home alone by myself for days. You have my sympathy.

Michelle said...

Amanda, every time I read your posts i feel sad for you. Life seems so hard. Hope you are doing okay.

Amanda said...

Mice make me cringe. Just be glad you don't live on an orchard with 5000 of the littlr critters scurrying around!

Angella said...

I hope you don't have any more, and I pray that today is a better day!!

motherinlaw said...

YIKES!!!!! I don't blame you for being creeped out about the mouse. Maybe your landlord could put strips along the bottoms of the doors. That could be how it got in. You could even get a cat. lol Just kidding!