Friday, November 03, 2006

Rabbit Trail

Okay, I know I said I was going to continue yesterday's post today, but I feel like taking a rabbit trail instead.
There is something completely trivial that has bothered me for a while now. I wish I could understand it but I just can't.
Why is it that when one is done their meal at a restaurant the saying is "Cheque please?!". They don't bring you a cheque when it's time to leave. There isn't a $50 on the little black plate with a mint and a note from your waitress saying, "A little something for choosing us over everyone else who could've made you food tonight." It definitely isn't a cheque on there it's a bill. A bill for food and yet it would be completely odd for someone to say "Bill please?!".


Jen said...

Oh the mysteries of life!

I actually do say "Bill please".

T said...

Good question! "Cheque please" really doesn't make any sense at all!

Mom said...

Oh Amanda! Sometimes you are sooo random...and funny! There must be an "un-" in there somewhere.

Speaking of which, don't sweat it! How do you define a "successful mother"? I think it is one who has healthy, happy children and a happy, healthy husband - so, YOU are a successful mother, even with the "uns". Brooklyn is only 3 weeks old and the recovery period from birth is actually considered to be 6, count them, SIX weeks. So stick with the "uns", enjoy the time with your babies! You know you can un-un when you need to because you have done it several times in the past 3 weeks already! Dust, cobwebs and unmade beds won't change in the next month but your girls will!

Love you a ton!