Tuesday, November 14, 2006

100 Things

I got this from Jen and Lindsay , you can check theirs out as well if you want to do it and need ideas.

1. I got a gift for Brooklyn from Elizabeth .
2. I made Elizabeth a thank you card.
3. I realized I forgot the stamp on the envelope after I put the card in the red mailbox.
4. I saw Sarah McLachlan in concert in 2004.
5. At that concert she said she felt brain cells leak out whenever she nursed her daughter.
6. I can relate to that.
7. I love Sarah McLachlan as a musician and a person, from what I know of her in interviews and documentaries.
8. I would definitely see her in concert again.
9. I have also seen Nickelback in concert.
10. As well as Matchbox 20 and Lifehouse.
11. I will never go with Nick to a Metallica concert.
12. He has been to many.
13. I am up today at 3:00am.
14. I was up to nurse Brooklyn.
15. I am waiting for her to fall asleep again.
16. I have a hard time staying awake at 3:00am.
17. When I was in college I rarely went to bed before 3:00am.
18. What was I thinking?
19. There was also a time in college where I had insomnia and I didn't go to bed at all for days at a time.
20. That's how I got to know Erica .
21. I always loved how Erica sounded when she sang.
22. I don't really know how to sing.
23. I can read a little bit of music.
24. I like singing in choirs, but never alone.
25. That's one thing I like about church, it's like being in a big choir.
26. I did sing in the choir in highschool for a bit.
27. I never went on an infamous choir trip though.
28. I heard crazy things happen on those trips.
29. The craziest thing I ever did was go on a blind date with someone I met chatting on the internet.
30. I never told my mom that.
31. She knows now.
32. I have known my mom for 26 years.
33. Coincidently I am 26 years old.
34. I will be 27 in June.
35. For my 27th birthday I would like someone else to cook me a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings.
36. Simply because I love stuffing.
37. I could eat the stuffing from inside the family turkey all by myself.
38. I am not exaggerating.
39. Sometimes I do exaggerate.
40. Like if you ask me how cold it is or how tired I am.
41. Although now a days I'm not exaggerating about how tired I am.
42. I am tired.
43. I have not slept for longer than 5 hours at a time in the last month.
44. But I no longer have to get up in the middle of the night to pee.
45. Instead I now release milk in the middle of the night.
46. I make Brooklyn happy when I do that.
47. That is assuming she's there.
48. Sometimes my boobs just let it flow without asking me first.
49. Waterfalls are something that flow.
50. I live near Niagra Falls.
51. My grandparents live nearer Niagra Falls.
52. I will be taking my girls to see the falls this Christmas.
53. We will be doing that because they light them up for Christmas.
54. Christmas is only 40 days away.
55. (You might want to check that my math is bad).
56. There is only one house on our block with Christmas lights up.
57. I'm sure there will be many more before Christmas comes.
58. I think I even have outdoor Christmas lights.
59. I will check on that.
60. Correction I will have Nick check on that.
61. Then I will hang them.
62. Correction, then I will supervise while Nick hangs them.
63. I like Nick.
64. I like that Nick is tall.
65. Nick reaches a lot of things down for me from high shelves.
66. Every shelf is a high shelf.
67. When he's not home I climb on the counters.
68. That scares my grandma.
69. Both of my grandmas are still alive.
70. I know that makes me lucky.
71. Lucky is the name of a guy on a soap opera I watch.
72. I only watch one soap opera.
73. I only watch it once or twice a week.
74. Everyday I watch George Shrinks, Big Comfy Couch and Lazy Town.
75. I actually enjoy them.
76. I also enjoy watching Belle dance to the theme music.
77. And try to do the clock stretch.
78. I do not stretch nearly enough.
79. I know this because my toenails are long.
80. I only realized this yesterday.
81. I'm sure they didn't grow this long overnight.
82. I can't remember the last time I was somewhere just overnight.
83. Oh I lied, I had a few one nighters during our move out here.
84. I guess that brings me back to leaking brain cells.
85. Isn't it crazy how cyclical life is?
86. I find comfort in how cyclical the seasons are.
87. My favorite season is winter.
88. I used to despise summer.
89. Now that I have kids I have to at least tolerate all seasons.
90. Or else they'd never get any fresh air.
91. And that would be bad for them.
92. I do a lot of things I would rather not do because they're good for my children.
93. Like get up at 3:00am.
94. I hope they appreciate that.
95. I know they'll never say they do.
96. And I don't really expect them to.
97. In reality I don't even want them to.
98. Because that's what being a mom means.
99. And I chose to be a mom.
100. Brooklyn is finally asleep.


Jen said...

Your list made me laugh out loud many times. Thanks for sharing!

Angella said...

Sweet list! I lurve lists :)

Elizabeth said...

great list. I'm glad you got the gift... I thought they were adorable... hope they can be used!

Lindsay said...

Love it, and thanx for the note about my Gramma. It meant alot.

Samantha said...

I was at the Lifehouse and Matchbox 20 concert as well. I won tickets from z99. It was fantastic times.

That Niagara Falls thing for Christmas sounds beautiful, you'll have to take some pictures and share them with us Westerners :)