Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I often wondered what I would tell people it's like having more than one child at home. I now know the perfect word-Constant. I am on the go for about 14 hours a day, (it would be longer if I had any discipline, but at the moment I don't). Between four sleeping schedules, three feeding schedules, (well two feeding and one pumping), chores, friends, my time, time with Nick, bathing and other childcare needs, breathing and preparing there is something to do every minute of the day.

I also wondered how Isabella would "regress" after we added Baby #2 to the family. Would she start doing mischevious things? Would she want a soother back? Would she only sleep in my arms? The answer is something I never considered. She has decided to talk. Constantly. In words I cannot understand. From the minute she wakes up and starts talking to her teddy bears to the fiftieth time she calls "G'night see ya later" after we put her to bed. She blabbers, All. Day. Long. But she never says any words. In fact, she notices that Brooklyn gets what she needs by crying and therefore when she needs something, (even just attention), she cries. Constantly.


My camera batteries died as I logged on, so go here and click on the images button. Then there is a row of thumbnails on the top and one of them is a baby in a man's hands. That's my baby and my daddy's hands. Check it out. My uncle is the photographer. Hope you like.


Jen said...

That picture is seriously adorable!

I'm so glad to hear from you. :)

motherinlaw said...

What an amazing picture!!! Is there any way that we could get a copy????

T said...

That is BEAUTIFUL...or let me rephrase, your baby is BEAUTIFUL!!! You're uncle is quite the photographer, you guys should get family pics done or something.

Robyn said...

Brooklyn is GORGEOUS - that is an awesome picture!

Amanda said...

A beautiful photo! It sounds like, despite the constant demands, you have adjusted to your fuller household wonderfully.

Mom said...

You're right, Amanda B., Amanda F. HAS adjusted beautifully. I can tell you she is pretty amazing with her girls!

We had a wonderful visit and couldn't get over how much like her Mom Belle is! She even talks about the same amount and, for an eighteen-month old, in very understandable English when she wants to - just like her Mom. (I am waiting until you realize all that gobblety gook is really English on high speed and you have to tell her that your ears don't work that fast!)

Just keep enjoying both the girls and the ways they keep your family interesting!

Love you all.


Angella said...

Sweet photo! Glad you posted :)