Monday, July 17, 2006

Winding Down, not Up

So things for the move are progressing. We are just doing the cleaning and have the stuff we're still using each day to pack. Not too bad. We are going to take a break and go to the zoo tomorrow as we need it now more than ever. My family has arrived to "help" us with the final tasks and we have a few scheduled get togethers to say good-bye and I only have to go to the office once more!! Things should feel like they're going great.

But then there's the reality side of moving. We took our car in for an oil change and highway safety check to make sure there wasn't anything that could leave us stranded in strage Minnesota. $500 later we'll be safe enough to drive. Then we started calling to hook up our utilities and because it's the first time we have utilities in Ontario we have to make hundreds of dollars in deposits, (this is not exasperated exaggeration either, each deposit is about $200 for three utilities), in order to have water and electricity when we move in. And then we got a great letter from our landlord, the usual stuff-this is how you clean and what's expected. No biggee right, except they mail your damage deposit to you after you move out. That was our gas money to move across the country.

Ugh. We planned and planned and did everything we could. We trusted and believed that God will provide all we need for this move. And up until Friday we had to the penny to cover our expenses. Funny how Monday changes everything.

So, say a prayer or two for us. We have to use the money to pay August's bills to move and hope that our last paychecks cover our regular expenses, (like life insurance and our car payment and what not). And that said paychecks get to us in time to pay said bills.

We are definitely stressed to the max right now. There are three extra adult bodies in our apartment. It is stinkin hot out.

Do you think it would be okay if I filled the bathtub with chocolate pudding and immersed myself in it, not to emerge until I had eaten the tub clean? That's all I want to do.

I don't know God's plan for this move and how it's all going to come together, and I'm quite freaked out about that. I've definately been knocked off my feet, I was just hoping not to land on my ass.

I'll try and post something a little cheerier after the zoo tomorrow, but if not this is me saying Goodbye and Goodnight until August 2.


Jen said...

Oh no! I hope everything works itself out Amanda! I think of you daily and everything you are going through right now. Moving, on top of being pregnant and all the unknowns you are moving to.

I hate Mondays. I hated them when I was a working girl and I still hate them. They always seem to bring bad news - including today for me. ugh...

Hang in there. In a month the move will be done and this will all be a memory.

Love ya!

Tara said...

hang in there I will be praying for all of you!!!

T said...

The chocolate pudding idea sounds great! Hopefully things start looking up for you after a day at the zoo=) You guys are in our thoughts and prayers.

Angella said...

I hope that today is a better day! And that you get some chocolate pudding :)

motherinlaw said...

Chocolate!!!! Yummm!
You guys have a lot of changes happening. God knows exactly what you need and He has promised to provide it. He loves you very much and so do we. Hugs to you three +

Elizabeth said...

Love to you. I'm praying that your move goes safely and smoothly. Do you have an address in G-town,now? e-amil it to me
Have a great day!

geeksters said...

Sounds stressful. I hope you have fun at the zoo and that it all works out for you. I've learned that things have a habit of working themselves out. Good luck with your finances and the move and all.

Anonymous said...

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